5 Tips to Help Brides Look Their Best on Their Wedding Day

by Heather Baker of Makeup by Heather B. – a licensed, professional makeup artist

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1. Give your skin some extra love.

Give your skin some extra love in the weeks before the wedding. Yes, you’ll have a radiant “I’m so in love” bridal glow. But how can you ensure your skin is glowing too? Indulge in monthly facials leading up to your wedding day. Invest in a Clarisonic – one of the best at home cleansing tools – and use it on a daily basis. Be sure to drink plenty of water to help hydrate your skin, reduce under eye circles, and improve the overall clarity of the skin.

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2. Skip the SPF

This advice totally goes against everything we estheticians stand for, because we know the importance of protecting your skin. But on your wedding day I recommend skipping the SPF on your face because it creates a slight white cast in photos. If you can’t go without it, use a lower SPF to avoid looking ghostly.

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3. Amp up your favorite look

Pick a look that makes you feel beautiful, and amp it up. On your wedding day, it is important to do your makeup just a little more dramatic then normal. Not crazy dramatic with dark black eye shadow and ten pounds of face makeup – you can achieve a natural look while ensuring your makeup is photo ready. Why should you amp up your makeup?

  • a. You need a little bit more depth and color to make things pop and not look washed out.
  • b. You want to look flawless from the first look to the last dance of the evening. Having a tad more makeup on helps it to last all day.
  • c. You will have your hair beautifully done, and you will be wearing a wedding gown you love, so you want your makeup to complement your hair and dress.

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4. Be Emergency-Proof

Have an emergency makeup touch up kit on hand. Makeup emergencies do happen. Here are a few things I recommend you have on hand:

  • a. Lots of tissues: Yes, you are going to cry and that is okay, but I always tell my brides, “Don’t let it be a waterfall and ruin everything you just paid to have done.” Try and catch your tears to prevent water streaks on your flawless face makeup.
  • b. Blot Powder: Having some type of blot powder or setting powder to take away shine is always a good idea. Use it throughout the evening to help with shine, especially for pictures.
  • c. Eyelash glue: You never know when those pesky false eyelashes – if you choose to wear them – may act up. Having lash glue on hand prevents any embarrassing eyelash stories.
  • d. Lipstick and lip gloss: You will be kissing, eating, and of course, talking a lot, so be sure to have your favorite lip color on hand and ready to reapply!

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5. Hire a professional

Hiring a professional makeup artist is important for so many reasons. A professional guarantees a bride that her makeup will stay all day and that it will photograph beautifully. There is not a woman out there who doesn’t want to look and feel her best on wedding day. By hiring a professional makeup artist, you relieve yourself of so much stress, and you also pamper yourself.

Photos by LisaAnne Photography

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