In Others’ Words: What Grounds You?

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Yesterday ended rather abruptly with me crawling into bed — admitting that the lurking migraine had won the day. It wasn’t the worst migraine I’ve ever had, brought on by the weather, but it was stubborn. I finally said, “Uncle” around 8:30 PM.

Then this morning as I’m taking my walk, refreshing my mind, body, and spirit, I think: You didn’t post a blog last night, did you?

No, I didn’t.

That realization kicked up my pace a bit.

Today’s quote is one I’m pondering this week. Here’s the full quote from Charles H. Spurgeon:

“Your salvation is only because Christ offered a full atonement. You are complete in Him and have nothing of your own to trust in. Rest only on the merits of Jesus, for He is the only ground of confidence.

I am a writer. I run around in the publishing world, where it’s possible (dare I say probable?) to place my trust — draw my confidence — from a lot of other things besides my faith. Besides what God did for me through Christ. Besides what God says about me.

I can ground my confidence in reviews, awards, sales … or the lack of all that.

You might call all of that “circumstantial evidence” of who I am.

But grounding myself in my faith? Solid ground, my friends. Solid ground.

In Your Words: What do you find is shifting sand for your confidence? And what grounds you?

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  1. I was worried, Beth. Glad you’re here.

    What grounds me now, especially today, in the midst of a painful day that really stands out among a horrible few weeks, is this –

    Una salus victus nullam sperare salutem.

    Or, the only hope of the vanquished is not to hope for safety; knowing there is no hope can give one the courage to fight on and win.

    Sounds better in Latin, eh?

    Not that I don’t have faith; I do. But to get up and keep working can take some pretty unpleasant turns, and I have to be ruthless with myself, and not care that it hurts to do it. It’s better, spiritually and emotionally, to accomplish something, even if I’m in even worse shape at the end of the day.

    1. Post

      I’m here, Andrew — just a little later than usually. Migraines do that: mess me up the day of and then kinda mess with the day after.
      And that saying … wow. I’ve read it over and over several times — in both Latin and English. Savoring the truth of it.
      I certainly know you live it.
      And possibly knowing that it doesn’t nullify God being our ground of confidence. Are the two mutually exclusive? I don’t think so. There is Truth and there are truths … and they can coexist together in our worlds.

  2. Andrew! Tell me you didn’t really do that!!

    We are memorizing a verse a week at church and this week’s is “If you abide in My word, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:31-32 NKJ And that is where I get my confidence. In Him. When I look to myself, I get a little too puffed up. And it only takes a bad review to bring me back to His word.

    Sorry about your migraine. Those things can really lay you low.

  3. A “good reminder” post, Beth. These days, though, I seldom lose sight that my grounding comes from God. I can’t tell you how many other places I turned before I wised up. I’m happy to be more settled these days. But, like I said, I can never hear “trust God” too often. So sorry about your migraine. I hope you’re better today.

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