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Springscavengercollage_purple795Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! I am a part of TEAM PURPLE and this is Stop #15.

If you’re just joining us, there are two loops—purple and pink—and they begin at Lisa Bergren’s site and Robin Lee Hatcher’s site for stop #1 for either stream respectively. If you complete either the pink loop or purple loop, you can enter for a Kindle paperwhite and the 17 autographed books from that loop. If you complete BOTH loops, you can enter for the Grand Prize of a Kindle Fire HDX and ALL 34 autographed books.

The Hunt begins at NOON Mountain time on April 16 and ends at midnight Mountain on April 19, 2015, so you have a long weekend to complete all 32 stops and maximize your chances at prizes!

BE SURE to keep track of the clues at the bottom of every post in the loop and the favorite number mentioned. You’ll need those clues to enter for the loop prize and every number mentioned in order to enter for the grand prize. ALSO, please don’t use Internet Explorer to navigate through the loops. Some web sites won’t show up using IE. Please use Chrome or Firefox—they’re better anyway!

Without further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my guest for the Scavenger Hunt, Missy Tippens.

Missy’s Official Bio:



Missy Tippens, a pastor’s wife and mom of three from near Atlanta, Georgia, is the author of eight books for Harlequin Love Inspired and was nominated for a Romance Writers of America 2013 RITA® Award. Her most recent release from Love Inspired is The Doctor’s Second Chance. Visit Missy at, on Twitter and on her Author Facebook page.

About Missy’s Latest Book: The Doctor’s Second Chance:

Jake West’s troubled cousin leaves him with a most unusual parting gift—her newborn baby girl! And now the small-town contractor is forced to seek help from the very woman he resents—the new big-city pediatrician who practically stole his uncle’s practice, Violet Crenshaw. Violet knows she shouldn’t be consorting with the enemy. But she can’t resist the adorable baby and her handsome new caretaker. Violet traded her chance at motherhood for her career years ago. But raising a family with Jake could be everything she’s ever wanted.

Doctor's Second Chance med res 9780373879564

Buy Missy’s Book:

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 And now here is Missy’s EXCLUSIVE content that you’ll find only on this hunt!

You And Me, relationship concept

Photo Credit: Crestock/stevanovicigor

I love reading and writing stories with heroes and heroines who are opposites. I’ve been drawn to this naturally as one of my frequent themes. And I’ve think I figured out why. My parents’ romance is one of opposites attracting. And in some ways, my husband and I are opposites as well.

My parents came from totally different socioeconomic backgrounds. One grew up in a small town with successful parents, business people who worked hard and did well for themselves. The other grew up in poverty, moving around, and even had a baby brother die of malnutrition. Yet they caught each other’s eye, and their first date was my mother’s high school prom. But then they headed off in different directions for college. Of course, after one semester, they missed each other, so my mom transferred. And the rest is history…

Emotion or Logic concept.

Photo Credit: Crestock/stevanovicigor

My husband and I are opposites in some ways as well. I run more on intuition and emotion. He runs on logic (although, I have a good bit of that in me as well). We’ve also had to deal with the fact that I’m a “piler” and he’s a “filer.” He’s very organized and I’m…not. 🙂 His side of the closet is evenly spaced and practically color-coded. Mine looks as if something exploded. Yes, we manage. And after almost 30 years of marriage, he’s learned that I really DO know what’s in each of my piles, and I know where to look for things.

In my most recent book from Love Inspired, The Doctor’s Second Chance, my main characters are very different from each other. The heroine, Violet, is a detail oriented pediatrician who is driven. The hero, Jake, is a general contractor who’s more laid back, an outdoorsman who enjoys sports. He sees her as uppity. She seems him as a burly bachelor, ill-prepared to care for the baby his cousin left with him. They also have opposite views on Violet’s purchase of his aunt and uncle’s pediatric practice. Lots of conflict between them! Of course, there’s attraction, too. But enough for them to overcome their differences?

I had so much fun writing this book! I hope you’ll check it out. Feel free to read an excerpt by clicking here.


Thanks for stopping by on the hunt! Before you go, make sure you WRITE DOWN THESE CLUES:

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Secret number: 15: my #1 daughter and son-in-love’s wedding anniversary date. CantBuyMeLove_5b-2

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Leave a comment below telling me your favorite wedding memory for a chance to win an ecopy of my latest novella, Can’t Buy Me LoveNow available for pre-order!

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  2. I have only ever been to one wedding, when I was little, so that means . . . no exciting memories yet!
    I really enjoyed watching Jill and Jessa Duggar’s weddings on TLC though, as well as Erin Bates’. They were just so moving and sweet and lovely! I loved the moment before their dad walked them down the aisle!

    1. The moment before the bride walks down the aisle — that’s always a special moment. And there are so many fun bridal shows on TV nowadays, aren’t there?

  3. Our wedding was 34 years ago and I love watching our video. My husband loves cashews and on the video you can see him picking through the mixed nuts bowl digging out the cashews. Every anniversary I get him a large can of cashews!

  4. One of my favorite wedding memories is my niece’s wedding last year. The minister forgot part of the ceremony and as the couple are walking down the aisle, someone asks about it and she says, “It’s done! We’re married.”

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  6. My favorite memory is that my husband and MIL went to look at wedding dresses without my knowledge. Then my MIL took me to the store and said pick out some wedding dresses that you like and then pick your favorite. I ended up picking the exact same one my husband had picked!!

  7. My favorite wedding memory is seeing my son’s face when he saw his bride for the first time walking down the aisle to him!

  8. One of my favorite wedding memories is walking down the aisle and seeing my best friend , my husband, waiting for me to say I do. We celebrate 32 years on April 19th.

  9. My favorite wedding memory… well, it’s not a wedding I went to… but I scrapbooked my grandparents’ wedding. They got married in 1954 and my grandpa put a sign in front of the church that said,”Big wedding today! Everyone invited!” 🙂

  10. My wedding was full of favorite memories….a comedy of errors! Everything from a groom in an air cast to the father of the bride burning his face two days before the wedding…a superstitious person might have called the whole thing off, but we are still happily married 24 years later. Thanks for the scavenger hunt!

    1. Wilma: An air cast and burns — ouch! My oldest daughter was in a boot following ankle surgery. Her PT came and taped her ankle before the ceremony so she didn’t have to wear the big old black boot — and he found surgical tape that matched the colors of her bridesmaid dresses!

  11. My favorite part of our wedding was that my husband, John was the one standing beside me. 21 years later he’s still my favorite 🙂

  12. I have to say my favorite wedding memory is marring my love the night before I graduated high school going on 28 years ago.

  13. I haven’t been to many weddings nor am I married, so I don’t have a favorite wedding moment.

    One memory I do have is of cleaning a church after the wedding. The decorations were beautiful in the big, open church. Teal and lime green cloths looped from the ceiling with white daisies in vases of a similar color. Tall glass cylinders filled with dyed blue and green water stood on shelves and tables. The normally red carpeted aisle was covered in (fake) blue, green, and white rose petals across a slightly twisted cloth. And the huge red glass cross behind the stage glowed with the afternoon light and bathed the room in red. I wasn’t able to attend the wedding nor did I know the bride or groom, but the beauty of the tranquil church afterward made the pains of cleaning the church worth it.

  14. LOL at our wedding, my husband needed to adjust the fit of his tuxedo pants and so he let out the tabs but couldn’t figure out how to – i dunno – tighten them again. So his pants were in great danger of falling down through the entire ceremony! I did not know this of course but was actually getting a little miffed at him because he seemed so distracted lol. On our walk down the aisle as husband and wife, he leans over to me and whispers, “My pants are falling down.” I glance over at him and just start laughing and that’s when the photographer takes the picture. So to everyone who sees that photo, we look like we are basking in the joy of our newly wedded love when – in reality – at that particular moment I was laughing at his predicament! 🙂

  15. My favorite wedding memory is getting to marry the guy I loved and have spent almost 31 living and loving! It doesn’t get any better than that

  16. Hi! A favorite memory of my own wedding is eating the cake. I made sure I ate my piece from my husband’s hands before smashing his piece in his face! He retaliated by kissing me, cake and all 🙂 Also, dancing with my daddy and trying not to cry.

  17. One of my favorite wedding memories (besides my own!) was when my oldest daughter was a flower girl. Everything went smoothly, but watching her march down that aisle with her little basket jut melted my heart! Thanks for participating in the hunt and for the bonus giveaway!

  18. My husband and I eloped, so we didn’t have a “wow” moment at our wedding. We don’t even have pictures.

    My favorite moment at any wedding is, as soon as the bride appears, to be looking at HIS face. Sure, I always get a good look at her during her big moment, but that look that HE gets when he sees how gorgeous she is…shee that chose him? That’s the magic moment for me at any wedding. Him seeing his bride.

    Thanks for the giveaway! This is fun! 😀

  19. My favorite wedding memory was from my wedding. My hubby started taking me down the aisle to soon. He was supposed to wait for our Pastor to announce us as husband and wife. LOL. Our photographer even got a picture of it. It was to funny.
    Also our Pastor said to my husband, put the ringer on her finger. Instead of put the ring on her finger. LOL.

  20. I’m not married but my brother and sister had a huge double wedding about 18 years ago (two brides from two families made it tough). My dad officiated. When he walked my sister down the aisle, he walked up on stage, asked “who gives this woman,” and then walked back down to say “Her mother and I.”
    There were actually several cute things like that in the wedding

  21. My favorite wedding memory was from my wedding. My husband’s best friend met a friend I went to college with and six months later they ended up married, and they met at our wedding reception! My husband’s brother also met his future bride at our reception and were married six months later! So our wedding brought about two other weddings! Fifteen years later and we are all still happily married 🙂

  22. I have two favorite memories but they are the same. Dancing with my sons and the quiet talk we had. They both told me that I was the best mom ever. My youngest even told me that all his friends preferred coming to our house because I was the “cool” mom. I love my boys and the daughters they brought into our family!

  23. I’m signed up to Beth’s newsletter! 🙂
    I loved my sister’s wedding! Bridesmaid dresses were a lovely naval blue, the flowers were beautiful, and I had just found out I was pregnant with my 1st child. There was a lot of new beginnings to celebrate for us: sisters.

  24. Dancing with my son at his wedding reception last year. He had picked the Paul McCartney song “all my life.”

  25. Because of a fiasco with the dress, my fiance had already seen me wearing it before the wedding. But the look on his face was just like he was seeing it for the first time. It was amazing. So I got to see his look of love and awe twice.

  26. Our pianist st our wedding played by ear and had a severe ear infection! He did an awesome job playing even with the ear infection. No one could tell!

  27. I’d love to win your book! I’ve never read any of your work, but discovering great new authors is a passion of mine 🙂

    Favorite wedding memory: acting as my best friend’s maid of honor almost 2 years ago and dancing with all our friends at the reception…watching her slow dance to Journey’s “Faithfully” with her new husband… 🙂 so many sweet memories of that day!

  28. You want me to share a favorite wedding memory after almost 49 years of marriage. I remember we got married and it was a lifetime commitment. We still attend the church in which we were married although a new sanctuary was built five years later and now there’s a nice fellowship hall where we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Neither the old sanctuary nor the small building where our reception was held were air conditioned. We almost melted before we were finally able to leave on our honeymoon.

  29. I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding. While I was standing there watching them exchange their vows, my 14-year-old niece, who was a junior bridesmaid, fainted and her head smacked me right in the middle of my back.

  30. My favorite memory was walking down the aisle alone to a song that was one of my dad’s favorites and knowing that my father was walking with me even though he was already celebrating life in heaven!

  31. I don’t really have one, but I’ve always wanted to catch the bride’s bouquet! 🙂 Not sure about the next to get married part though… 😀

  32. Favorite Wedding Memory: The ring bearer, who was three, decided he was way too bored and laid face down on the stage with his head resting in his crossed arms. At one point, he raised his head looked around and made a large noisy sigh, as if too say, “you’re still not married YET?” The whole congregation chuckled.

  33. In almost hurricane force winds and rain, my younger brother and my husband’s brother had to drive our car back from the airport after dropping us off for our flight to our honeymoon. Of course, the car was decorated and had “Just Married” on the back window. We didn’t even think about that when we asked them to drive us. They were so embarrassed, we still all have a good laugh about it today! 🙂

  34. My fave wedding memory would be… I think 6 years ago my friends from college got married. I introduced them and got to watch their entire relationship (through tears and laughter). It was bittersweet b/c it meant our lives were changing, but it was perfect b/c it was like a reunion for our little group. I still have pics from that day on display! My first brides’ maid dress too!!

  35. My favorite wedding memory is when we were announced Mr & Mrs and walked back down the aisle in celebration! 🙂

  36. My favorite wedding memory is of my sister’s wedding with my 1 year old nephew smelling my maid of honor bouquet.

  37. Favorite wedding memory was being the maid of honor for my sister. It was a beautiful wedding and a really great day!

  38. A favorite memory of my wedding was having my grandma there. She’d driven the 1200 miles with her friend just to come. It was the last big trip she ever took. It was 2 days before Christmas, making that an extra special memory. I’ve enjoyed all of your books!

  39. I’ve never been to a wedding so I don’t have any wedding memories. I would always imagine my favorite part would be to watch the groom’s face when he see his bride walking down the aisle towards him..or the first dance as a husband and wife. 🙂

  40. One of my favorite wedding memories is this. It was about 30 minutes til our ceremony was to begin, and stress was hitting me hard. I told one of my bridesmaids that I really needed to see John (my fiance). I knew that if I just had a minute to be with him, I would get my peace back. Several people made a fuss about not letting him see me, and ‘bad luck’ nonsense; but I found one of the children that I babysat and asked them to find him for me. A few minutes later, there he was;tall dark and handsome…my hero. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him I just needed to see him. He gave me a big smile and a hug, and we shared a brief prayer. That was almost 30 years ago (our anniversary is Dec 28th) and he is still my hero…& even more handsome than the day we married.

  41. I’m not married, but my favorite wedding memories come from my sisters’ and cousins’ wedding when everyone is gathered around, talking, and laughing, and doing whatever wedding thing needs to be accomplished, be it addressing envelopes to helping make food for the reception.

  42. My best wedding memory took place on my wedding day….my husband’s family was coming from out of the country to be with us and they were delayed by over an hour….on the HOTTEST day in recorded history…..July 29, 1978!!! Our guests drank all the punch while we waited and we had to send someone out for more drinks when they finally arrived….and then on to our honeymoon built for 10…but that’s a story for another day:)

  43. I have only been to one wedding but that one time was very cool. I got to be the flower girl when I was five at my aunt’s wedding. It was really quite fun. The wedding took place in a gazebo on a lake and I got to wear a little yellow gown 🙂

  44. My favorite wedding memory is of my youth pastor and my friend Sarah. They had courted each other and had been a great example to all of us in the youth group. They saved their first kiss until their wedding day. I got to be at their wedding, and seeing them kiss for the first time was precious. Because of their example, I have decided to do the same thing. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway, and I love your books! 🙂

  45. My favorite wedding memory would have to be enjoying peanut butter toast at a breakfast shop near the courthouse to celebrate. My husband and I enjoy the simple things in life, and we didn’t want a big, fancy wedding.

  46. My husband and I have been married for 34 years. Our wedding was small and simple and every part of it is still a sweet memory.

  47. My favorite moment (moments) are when the doors open and the bride is revealed to her husband to be and looking up and catching the husband to be’s expression. That look and awe of love…and when their eyes meet its truly amazing. That was my favorite moment in my wedding, finally seeing the love of my life and our eyes meeting. There was a promise of hope, a future, love, determination to follow God, a closeness, and a friendship. It felt like everyone else had disappeared from the room and it was just him and I! 🙂 My favorite moments!

  48. I walked down the aisle to the Dixie Cup’s (not chicks – this is the group from the 1960’s) song “Goin’ to the Chapel.” I chose it for two reasons: First, because I loved that song as a kid watching Father of the Bride with Steve Martin, and second, our church and family had been going through a lot of tragedy, and I wanted something to make everyone smile.

    When the church doors closed, and I was waiting with my dad outside the sanctuary, I was so nervous. I wanted to cry and everyone was yelling at me not to because I’d ruin my makeup and we had more pictures to take. Then the song started playing, and I could hear everyone start to laugh! They were delighted, and it calmed my nerves. I will never forget walking down the aisle, seeing all the smiling faces, holding onto my daddy’s arm, and seeing my husband waiting for me at the front of the church, framed by both our moms. I still think of that moment every time I hear that song. 🙂

  49. My favorite wedding memory was last December when my God-daughter got married. She asked me to be her maid of honor. When we were standing at the back of the church waiting to walk down the aisle, I got a little teary ( who am I kidding, a lot teary) thinking about the precious little girl she had been now a beautiful young bride.

  50. During my daughter’s wedding, the minister, who was the groom’s father, asked his son “do you take…..”. He replied, and his father asked him “Are you sure? You don’t sound sure.” He’s a nut. lol

  51. For my brother’s wedding his soon-to be wife’s Niece was the flower girl. And she got a little over excited ans started throwing the flowers everywhere but the aisle! We all had a good laugh over that 😀

  52. My favorite memory from my wedding actually took place after the ceremony. I loved saying, “my husband” for the very first time!

  53. During a wedding at church, I got a great photo of the flower girl and ring bearer walking back down the aisle afterwards. The flower girl was smiling so sweetly while holding tight onto the ring bearer. He was rolling his eyes and trying to pull away from her.

  54. Having just watched the 2nd daughter of the Duggar family’s wedding and knowing what I do about the Biblical roots of our ceremony . . .and having to wait probably several years before my girls/son get married . . .: / : ) I would say the promises we make to one another in covenant with God in a wedding. It has sustained my husband and I now for over 28 years . . . and does to this day. We just committed to one another again yesterday, not in a service but because of our situation (moving due to a job/near his family, away from mine) we just turned to one another and said I am committed to you as my partner and it was way more powerful today than 28 years ago . . . that is because we trust God in a deeper way and know He is at the core so with all our stuff He has us, is with us and is for us. Can’t wait to read your book!

    1. Chris:
      Yes, the covenant of marriage is so, so important and my husband an I have clung to our covenant through the years — through the tough times, the changes …

  55. When my daughter got married and they were going to take communion as part of the ceremony, I’d forgotten to put the bread and juice out so they had to fake it!

  56. The first memory I recall is about how we were already running a little late getting me ready and as we’re about to leave the house, my mother freaks out because she forgot to put her make-up on. We had to wait for quite some time and I think I ended up getting to the church about 1/2 late, which felt like an eternity! Then my step-father wanted to take a bunch of pics of me, which caused the ceremony to be delayed ANOTHER 1/2 hr. Yikes, that still makes me cringe to think of everyone sitting there, waiting!

  57. Favorite wedding moment: when flower girl lifted up her dress with wedding party all on stage and my husband performing the wedding. He did warn them about using little children and putting them on stage.

  58. My husband is a minister, now chaplain, and has married two couples in the past without “and you may now kiss the bride.” It is not included in the order of service he uses and he has to remember to write it in each time. One of those couples is a friend and we saw them around the holidays and recalled that omission with dismay and humor. My husband replied with “and I still have not given you permission to kiss her!” 🙂

  59. Favorite memory is a father daughter dance. Funny memory is when my sister got married. During the ceremony her ring bearer pulled a frog out of his pocket and it jumped on my sister’s back. Priceless!

  60. My husband misspoke during our vows and said “waffle wedded wife” instead of lawfully wedded! We laugh about it to this day!

    1. Ann:
      I really need to go back and count how many people say this is the special moment — and I think I need to weave this into one of my destination wedding novels.

  61. My favorite memory is from our wedding – actually the rehearsal. My husband couldn’t remember what finger to put the ring on, so we drew a big X and line on my ring finger so he would know which one.

  62. My favorite wedding memory is the red rose we exchanged during the ceremony. They represented our love. The pastor advised us to give a red rose to our spouse after an argument as a token for our love and commitment to each other.

  63. My favorite wedding memory is after my friend and her new husband left the church, we all heard a loud cheer outside, then the minister let us in on a little secret. The bride and groom had saved their first kiss for their wedding day and we all had just witnessed it. I thought it was sweet and a neat surprise. It’s beats the memory of me spilling a whole gallon of tea on my wedding dress and my favorite sandals…

    1. Okay, I really, really, really need to count how many people said “the look on my husband’s face” or “the look on the groom’s face” … and I need to incorporated it into a book. 🙂

  64. My husband was so choked up, he cried during a lot of our wedding – 25 years ago. I was surprised that he was that emotional.

  65. One of my favorite wedding moments was as my niece’s wedding. My brother-in-law is a pastor and had double duty as father of the bride and minister.

  66. My favorite wedding memory – hmm – out off all the weddings I’ve been to, I loved my own the best, of course! But it’s actually a lot of happy blur – nothing really stands out other than it was so windy we had to pretend with the unity candle and my veil felt like it was choking me, it was so plastered to my face. 😉

  67. I think I’ve been to three weddings -an aunt and a cousin on my mom’s side and a cousin on my dad’s side. I think my favorite one was my aunts. It was her second wedding, and they held it at her and her new husband’s new house. Pretty casual, and very pretty background (their house is surrounded by trees, which at that time, where all very green).

  68. My favorite wedding memory is from my wonderful sister’s wedding. Not only is she my only sibling, making it special indeed, but it was also the only time I had ever been in a wedding. It truly was beautiful!

  69. I’ve never been married so I don’t have any wedding memories. I hope that doesn’t keep me out of the running. I can say that the wedding I remember more than any other is when Prince Charles married Diana Spencer.

  70. Although my wedding was very memorable my favorite wedding memory was when my sister got married (I was her matron of honor) and my daughter was her flower girl. My daughter was 3 and very shy so I walked her down the isle and helped spread the rose petals. I couldn’t help crying (extra emotional because I was pregnant!) thinking one day she would be dressed in white just like this looking beautiful as can be and getting married herself. It was bittersweet, but beautiful! I know I have to treasure her while she’s little!!!

  71. I enjoyed my outdoor wedding in the side yard at my house. The vegetable garden to the west and the house to the east.

  72. My dad walking me down the isle and my Grandma being able to be there because I insisted my dad bring her. Jenny

  73. My favorite wedding memories are of my own wedding almost 38 years ago…all of my family and friends having a wonderful time, great food made by family members, our best man dancing on the tables…no other wedding I’ve been to since has ever lived up to those memories!

  74. I just got married in August and the whole day was just so special. Besides getting to marry my best friend, I really loved getting to dance with my dad to “You are my Sunshine”. The most special thing though was that my mom got to be there. She had been battling ALS for a while and at that point could not walk or speak and could barely use her arms. She was unable to help with wedding things like we both wanted, but it just meant so much to me that she was able to be there. Also the wedding photos taken were some of the last photos taken of her before she died in November. She looked very happy and I will treasure that always. :’)

    1. Megan,
      Thank you for sharing your wedding memories — and your special memories of your mom. I had a very dear friend who battled ALS. I am certain you do treasure those memories and photographs of your mom.

  75. While it is hard to pick out one special thing, having the Hallelujah Chorus played after the wedding ceremony reflected the joy and worship of the Lord!

  76. With all of my college friends we had a special time of prayer for the bridesmaids, close friends, and family before the wedding. It was so precious to all gather around the bride and together lift up the marriage to the Lord. It was the best way to start the proceedings.

  77. My husband and I were married at the Valley of Fire park in Nevada. The location for the ceremony was a little bit of a climb. My husband and everyone else were at the location waiting on me and my dad. I remember giggling the entire way up as I climbed the hill in my gorgeous poofy princess-like wedding gown and cork wedge sandals (so glad I wore those!). Every two feet or so I would snag on a little branch or something and I would giggle all the more. My brother told me later that he kept cracking up while they waited for me because he’d hear me go “oops” and then giggle. When I think of my wedding, I always start there and smile.

  78. Oh my gosh! You won’t believe this but I DON’T have one! Nope, not one. I’ve only been to one wedding, a brother’s, and it was sadly a huge mistake. I’m in my late 20’s now and I’m still waiting for God to bring the right person along. So maybe my best memory would be the hope of something in the future. Thanks for hosting a stop on this hunt!


  79. my favorite wedding memory was just the other day……….the 8th of this month……… and my hubby renewed our vows…… was our 20th anniversary.

  80. My own wedding day was so special. I had such a fun day with my (now) husband, all of our family, and many special friends. Everyone worked so hard to make the day perfect for us … and it was! The most memorable moment during the reception was when my husband’s great-aunt caught the bouquet—after nearly tackling my cousin (who happens to have a prosthetic leg) and knocking her to the ground. Thankfully, no one was hurt and my cousin took it all in stride. But my husband’s grandmother still shakes her head in embarrassment when we talk about how desperately her sister wants to get remarried. 😉

  81. My favorite wedding memory was almost 17 years ago, when I said “I do” to the most wonderful man in the world.

  82. A number of years ago my husband and I had an unusual problem with a wedding at the church we were going to. My husband plays piano and organ. He also was one of the church’s sound technicians. A few weeks before this particular wedding one woman asked him if he would play for her daughter’s wedding. He was very happy to say yes. A couple of weeks later another woman asked if he would run the sound board for her son’s wedding. He didn’t check the calender and promptly said yes. Suddenly the day before the rehearsal he realized that the daughter and son mentioned were marrying each other. He was now scheduled to play piano (one side of the platform) and the organ (the other side of the platform) and run the sound (back of the sanctuary) all for the same wedding.

    We ended up getting to the church early for the rehearsal so he could teach me the sound board. I ran it while breast feeding our 2 or 3 month old daughter and keeping an eye on our two older daughters.

  83. My favorite wedding memory is of my twin grand-daughters acting up on stage while our daughter was saying I do. They were only 4 at the time.

  84. I love weddings where the bride & groom have saved their very first kiss for after they have been pronounced husband & wife. My all-time favorite memory was watching the groom pick up his bride & lift her facing the guests and display her as a trophy!

  85. I had a memorable thing happen at my wedding. I forgot my husband’s wedding ring at home and I told my pastor while I was up at the altar getting married! So without me knowing my pastor took off his wedding ring and pretended that the ring was my husbands” ring! I didn’t know until after because it was the same size and style as my husbands’ ring.

  86. Hello Beth. Good post. Fun Scavenger Hunt. Love the cover on your new book. Would love to win it. favorite wedding was the wedding for my youngest daughter. We didn’t have much money but I thought her wedding was beautiful. Four of my little grandchildren. two 3 yr. old girls were flower girls, ring bearer was 3 year old grandson, and 5 year old girl passed out the programs. Two older sisters sang and another played the piano. A florist friend helped do the flowers. Both grandmothers got to attend her wedding, not so for the other siblings. I made the dresses for the four sisters, the flower girls, the one passing out programs, and the go-away clothes for the Bride. A favorite wedding memory.
    Thanks for a chance. Maxie

    1. Hi, Maxie:
      I love the cover for my e-novella, too. The graphic designer did a beautiful job.
      And I love how you showed that a lovely wedding, complete with beautiful memories, doesn’t require lots of money.

  87. The memory that I have as a bride was the day me & my fiance – Edward, had our Hand-fasting Ceremony. It was Jan 17th 2009. In our home, with his best friend (from elementary school on) acting as his proxy; next to his hospital bed with a small gathering. It was one week to the day exactly before he past away to an aggressive & terminal brain cancer. We were to be married in the Washington’s Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge National Park in PA. Oct. 26th, 2009. I still wear our rings to this day.

    Thank You for being a part of this wonderful hunt and the chance to win a copy of your novella.

    In Kind Regards

  88. I just went to a beautiful wedding last weekend. At the front of the church they had 78 candles and my cousin’s son, age 15, was in charge of lighting all of them. Well, he had a little trouble and had to go back up twice to re-light a few. Everyone was laughing and clapped for him when he was done. It just set such a nice lighthearted mood for the day that was perfect.

  89. This scavenger hunt is so fun and I love learning more about the authors and new books. It’s wonderful to find books that have great stories and are clean and encouraging. I worked in a bakery as a cake decorator for several years and so when each of our 3 children got married I made the wedding cake they requested.

  90. My brother’s wedding was memorable. His bride discovered when she dressed for the wedding that she had two right shoes. Then during the reception, there was a tornado warning and the lights went out. Fortunately the reception was in the basement and there were emergency lights. But the photographer had to take pictures just with his own lights as background. It gave a romantic quality to the pictures.

  91. My cousin sang a song for her future husband as she walked down the aisle –he wasn’t expecting that: it was a surprise! ^_^

    Thanks for the chance to win! Your books sound great, Beth!

    Missy, awesome blog post –I love opposites attract. 😉

  92. It’s so fun reading through people’s wedding memories! There are so many good ones. One of my favorite wedding memories is from when I was pretty little. A distant cousin had an outdoor reception with a big canopy that was decorated beautifully with lights and such. I remember loving that it was outside, and then we got to play with cute little bottles of bubbles. 😀

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway, Beth!

  93. When my oldest son got married, the pastor who was performing the ceremony threw his back out the morning of the wedding and was unable to perform the service. Our pastor who was planning to participate by reading the scripture ended up marrying them. Whew!!!

  94. My favorite wedding memory happened almost 56 years ago. I was 17 and he was 19, after a very simple ceremony we hopped into his ’50 red chevy and headed to the coast……………..finally on our own…..and they said it would never last…lol Thanks for the chance to win your new book.

  95. My own wedding. Nothing crazy happened (thankfully). It is just a very happy day in my life. Love my hubby very much! It makes me smile to think about that day.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie C.

  96. My husband and I eloped after a knowing each other less than a month. Eight years later we are still celebrating–I love how the Lord helps us to find our soulmate!!

  97. During mine and my husband’s wedding, he nearly fainted (literally!) Luckily, we had been holding hands while I was saying my vows and had a hold of him. He didn’t go down, yet we did seat him for part of the ceremony. Four years later, during the birth of our first child, he started to faint again. I think his complete love for our family overwhelms him at times. 🙂

  98. My favorite wedding memory from my wedding is when my pastor mispronounced our last name when he introduced us to the congregation. It gave us all a good laugh!

  99. Thanks for being a part of this exciting Scavenger hunt!

    I loved witnessing the wedding of a member of my scout group (I led the group). I loved seeing a girl growing into a beautiful woman!

  100. My favorite wedding memory is of my husband’s smile during our ceremony. I’ve directed and help video many ceremonies so have many memories and stories. Favorite story from the past is of my husband’s grandparents’ ceremony. They went to the preacher’s house to get married. He had company so he came out to their car and performed the ceremony in their car!

  101. My favorite wedding memory is all the special people who were a part of our special day…family and good friends to do the music and having both my pastors perform our ceremony (because one of them–my youth pastor–was the guy who set us up in the first place!) That’s what really made it special for me.

    1. Stephanie:
      It’s so true that the people who attend the ceremony and take part in the ceremony are so, so important! And I love that your youth pastor set you up!

  102. Hi, there. My favorite wedding memory is my 2nd sister’s wedding. They were high school sweethearts who put the cart in front of the horse so to speak (shotguns may have been involved), but are still married and have 4 children almost 15 years later. I still remember the look on my future brother-in-law’s face when he first saw the ultrasound video of their baby. Their wedding was a huge party and the DJ stayed for an extra hour because everyone was dancing and celebrating.

  103. My favorite wedding memory is when my son got married almost two years ago. My daughters played and sang for it and it was so incredible. We were all in tears.. Thanks!

  104. I think my favorite part of a wedding is the same for nearly all weddings. I love watching the groom’s face when he sees the bride for the first time. Most people are watching the bride, but I love to see his expression. Thanks so much for participating in the Scavenger Hunt and for the giveaway!

  105. My favorite wedding memories are from when I married my second husband. Before the wedding my three girls were behind me playing in my veil and having fun puffing it up and letting it cover them. Then during the ceremony I started to cry and I had to pull tissues from my dress where I had to make the bodice fit a little better. Then after we said I do my dad put a shackle on my husbands angle with one big black Styrofoam ball and three little ones on a plastic chain.

  106. My favorite wedding memory is when I was a flower girl in my uncle’s wedding & my cousin was the ring bearer. I got so disgusted with him cause he kept stopping & talking to people as we walked down the aisle.

  107. My wedding was a comedy of errors, too numerous to enumerate! And, we only had 1 night alone!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Good luck to everyone and God’s Blessings!

  108. My dad was the master of ceremonies at a friend’s wedding. She had these folded paper balls on every table so my dad penciled in a paper ball fight into the schedule. 🙂

  109. At our wedding reception, the ring bearer (age 5 and very shy) came and asked me if he could keep the pillow he carried in the wedding. I had forgotten to tell him that he could. I told him yes, and found out later that he had been sleeping with it every night.

  110. My favorite memory of my wedding was when I entered the church I was so nervous and when I looked down the aisle at my soon to be husband his smile brought me peace. I was then able to enjoy the ceremony .

  111. One of my favorite wedding memories is my son and daughter-in-love’s wedding IN the rain. 🙂 Not storming but definitely raining. Quite memorable!

  112. Just went to a wedding yesterday. 🙂 To me, every wedding is unique and special in its own way – I can’t seem to choose a favorite memory.

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