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Fun quote Jimmy Buffet 10.4.13It’s been all about copy edits for me the past few weeks.

Today is deadline day — and I’ll be thinking about having some fun once I push SEND.

Well, having fun and cleaning my house.

In Your Words: How’s your fun factor? What do you like to do for fun? Come on, give me some ideas now that I’m off deadline!

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  1. Congratulations for nearing the “hit send” button! I like just hanging out for fun! I’m not very crafty, but am trying a little craft project (perhaps that’s a response to creating on the computer, now I want to make something with my hands). Baking is always good too, because you get to eat the results.

  2. What do I do for fun? I go out with friends for breakfast. 😉 Actually, I enjoy hanging out with friends. Go to a movie, go try something new (like zip lining or indoor rock climbing) with a friend or hubby, or my kids. Game night with the family.

    I think most of my fun involves hanging out with those I care most about. 🙂

    Congratulations on finishing up those edits!

  3. Love that quote! I couldn’t agree more! Fun means laughter and laughter is my favorite!

    Fun lately has been coffee with friends, cooing at babies, teaching my grands Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Wheels On The Bus (all with hand motions) over Skype, popping into a neighborhood art gallery, re-doing our living room after 22 years and, just last night, a frozen yogurt and flirting date with my hubby. There’s also weekly prayer and fellowship with the best friends ever – 18 years and counting. We’re all grandma’s now. That’s way fun! And, thanks to Teresa, I want to pull out my coloring books!

    Happy Friday all and happy “send” day to you, Beth!

  4. I got used to having fun in small doses – having five minutes to just stop can be gloriously refreshing and, yes, fun.

    It’s kind of like being in temporary defilade from incoming fire – you know that, for the moment, the bullets can’t hit you, and it’s a warm, secure feeling. You know that in a few minutes you’ll have to move out into exposure, but for ‘that moment’ all is right with the world.

  5. Fun for me is being around my little grands. They have the best time doing the simplest things…maybe we should learn something from them! Today I went to read to my grandson’s third grade class. That was great fun!

  6. Wish I lived closer and I’d clean so you’d only have one thing on your list. I have a friend who loves Jimmy Buffet. I need to share this with her.

    The quote is perfect for the upcoming weekend.

  7. Hi Beth,
    For fun, I like to play volleyball with friends. My sister has finally convinced me to join her in playing tennis, as well. Other than that, the family game night and family movie night is a favorite.

    Congrats on hitting send!

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