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Photo by Lisa Anne Photography

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” (1929-1993), Audrey Hepburn, actress

Aren’t the girls in that photo pretty?

Yes, I’m incredibly biased. You’re looking at a photo of my youngest daughter, my two oldest daughters (one’s the bride), and my daughter-in-love. They are each beautiful, inside and out.

But look closer at that photo. Their beauty is accentuated because they are so, so happy. Why? Well, my daughter, Amy, got married the day that photo was taken. (I suppose the wedding dress gave it away, huh?) And her sisters were celebrating with her. The happiness surrounding them all was almost tangible.

Beauty, as the saying goes, is only skin deep. But our emotions transcend our physical features. Sometimes our emotional well-being — or lack thereof — transforms our faces. I’m not suggesting we wear smiley-face masks. There was a time in my life when God insisted I remove the mask I wore. At first I the vulnerability was uncomfortable. Stark. But, for all that, I was being real.Β Audrey Hepburn was considered a beautiful woman — she still is. Based on today’s quote, I also think she was quite wise.

In Your Words: How would you finish this sentence: ____________ girls are the prettiest. Why?


Photo by Lisa Anne Photography

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  1. Your daughters and daughter-in-love are indeed beautiful, Beth, and I’ve no doubt their beauty is both internal as well as external. You must feel incredibly blessed to have them in your life.

    Here’s how I would fill that blank at the end of your post: Enthusiastic girls are the prettiest!

    Why? At the age of twenty-seven, I’d been slowly but surely working and attending college for an entire decade. I’d grown weary and wondered if I’d ever get my bachelor’s degree in accounting. One day in calculus class, I experienced an ah-ha moment. I didn’t even like math. I liked words. So what, I asked myself, was I doing in an accounting program?

    I got up in the middle of class, walked to the administration building, and changed my major to mass communication with the print journalism option. I went to work the next day feeling a sense of freedom and a level of excitement that I’d never experienced while taking my business and accounting courses. I’d found my niche.

    A male colleague later remarked that when he saw me the day after I’d changed my major, I looked radiant, beautiful even. Note that there was no romantic attraction involved on either side. He was merely making an observation. He went on to explain that when a man sees a woman who is filled with enthusiasm and is excited about life, he takes notice. I believe what my colleague was describing was the energizing metamorphosis that takes place when passion and outer beauty collide, resulting in a beautiful outward display of one’s inner beauty or God-given uniqueness.

    Sorry to write a novella, but you obviously tapped into something that captured my attention and got the words flowing. =)

  2. Beautiful picture, Beth, and an incredibly beautiful family.

    I’d say Compassionate girls are the prettiest. Like you said, beauty is skin deep. Over time, looks will fade, bodies will change, bones will weaken, but a compassionate heart puts focuses on others before self. Isn’t that what Jesus instructs?

  3. I loved reading the comments. I think Confident girls are pretty–girls who aren’t afraid to be who God wants them to be despite how they look or their circumstances. So glad your wedding went off well–they are indeed beautiful women!

  4. Beautiful photo, Beth!

    My fill-in-the-blank response requires a slight juxtaposition of words in your sentence: Girls at peace with themselves are the prettiest.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. One of the things that always amazes me is how a person’s looks tranform in my mind’s eye as I get to know them. When I see a person’s outward appearance (but don’t know them), I form an impression – but as I get to know them, and come into relationship with them, they always, always become more beautiful to me (there are, of course, those who have lost their beauty when I’ve realized their hearts are ugly, but those are very few and far between). So – I would say “Real girls are the prettiest.” The ones who open up and honestly share their hearts and souls – because when they’re being real that’s when we see their passions, hopes, dreams, enthusiasm, etc. – all the things that make us beautiful.

    It’s been fascinating to meet so many people online and get to know their hearts first – and then to meet them in person – I came home from ACFW and told my hubby: “I don’t know what it is, but every writer I meet is so beautiful!” πŸ™‚

  6. Awww, your daughters and daughter-in-love are radiant! I see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. πŸ™‚ I agree with Gabe – Real girls are the prettiest. But really? Jesus girls are the prettiest, because Jesus girls live real.

  7. I’m also going to juxtapose it slightly too. πŸ™‚ Girls who walk in their purpose are the prettiest. There is something about seeing a lady who is confident she’s doing what has been called to do that bring out inner beauty.

  8. Such beautiful girls! And what a happy occasion to celebrate! πŸ™‚

    I would say “Godly girls are the prettiest.” OR to coin Jennifer Rothschild’s term, “Gutsy girls are the prettiest.” (“Gutsy” meaning grounded in Christ and not afraid to show it!)

  9. I’m with joy-filled or joyful girls are the prettiest.

    When my oldest daughter got married, it was one of those days that you just felt the joy radiating from your heart. All of us felt it! Every picture of us showed that! We don’t experience that kind of joy very often…it shows. I long for that kind of joy in my everyday life.

    Your girls are beautiful, Beth! Such a lovely picture.

  10. I kind of got lost there reading all these wonderful responses! I’ll add “gracious” to the mix. Girls who are full of grace are the prettiest. To me grace is so engaging.

    It is interesting that all of the responses so far reflect fruits of the spirit-filled life or finding identity in Christ…thus learning to be comfortable in our own skin, living out our purpose. Finding joy in the “race marked out for us.” Enthusiasm, compassion, joy, giving in to laughter, walking confidently in who He’s made us to be, peace, being real…transparent. Wow! His life in us makes us beautiful.

  11. LOVE this post!! I love the quote because I think, especially for Christians, that joy that comes from within should radiate…and that is a beautiful thing.

    I really can’t state it any better than Gabe above. I think when people are real, vulnerable, seeking relationship–that is sooooo pretty!

  12. Enjoying everyone’s insights today!
    I asked my youngest daughter how she’d fill in the blank and she said, “Trusting girls are the prettiest” — as in trusting in God.

    I would say, “Contented girls are the prettiest” — and that encompasses a lot. A blog post there.

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