In Others’ Words: The Music of Kindness

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Worldly Music 2016


To think of my words as music … that gives me pause.

When I speak, what am I adding to the melody others hear? Are my words kind? Do they add a gentle beauty to the world? Or do I speak harsh words that create a discordant ugliness?

Scripture warns words can be as destructive as fire (James 3:6) and as wounding as the slashes of a sword (Proverbs 12:18). But how we speak to someone else can also be as healing as a soothing melody.

Powerful truths, yes?

Pause for just a moment and think of someone whose voice you welcome because they speak words of love and kindness — grace — to you when you most need it. Don’t you treasure their words like you savor a beautiful melody — replaying them over and over again in your mind?

In Your Words: What song are your words creating today?

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      I think humor is a gift to others — and it can be noble and glorifying to God.
      And you do that every day — with and without your humor.

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      Andrew’s post is perfect, isn’t it, Pat? Because I think so many of us want our words to be kind and stirring and noble … and yet we fear our words are off-key and laughable. We don’t hear ourselves correctly.
      So glad you received your copy of You Can’t Hurry Love! 🙂

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