In Others’ Words: All the Other Ages You’ve Been

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Birthday quote 2016

Today is my birthday and I’m embracing it by playing hooky and spending the day with my husband. We’re planning on enjoying the Colorado sunshine — maybe going for a hike in Garden of the Gods.

For me, birthdays are when I stop and think about the 364 days since my last birthday and I count all the reasons I have to be thankful. Yes, I’m older. I hope I’m wiser. And I am always, always grateful to God for so many things — and even more thankful for the people in my life. That includes you. Thanks for stopping by this blog, whether you comment or not. Each blog post represents a bit of my heart.

Today’s quote? Well, it encapsulates my mindset about aging. There’s no denying my age — not that I print it out on a T-shirt and wear it, either. I’m the age that I am. And really, to be younger, what years would I give back? Would I give back any of the years of marriage? No. Would I give back any of the years my children were born or the years they were growing up? No. Would I give back any of my growing up years? No — although I wouldn’t want to go back and be a teenager again.

My age doesn’t define me … but it has influenced who I am.

In Your Words: What’s your take on birthdays? How do you celebrate them? Anybody else celebrating a birthday today?

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  1. Enjoy your day! I celebrate each birthday. I turned 62 on the 3rd and after having breast cancer almost 5 years ago each one is special.

  2. One year as I approached my birthday, I thought I was a year older than I was. Don’t ask me how I got that into my head. lol Anyway as I looked at my birthday pictures–yes, I used to take a picture of myself every year on my birthday–and I couldn’t find the photo of the year I thought I was. Then I realized I wasn’t 43, but 42. It’s a really strange feeling to gain a year. 🙂

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