In Others’ Words: As Old as You Want to Be

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How old would you be 2015

So let’s just have a little fun today.

I found this quote and made the graphic to go along with it. And then I was writing a post about age … and how we celebrate our age early on in life and then we deny how old we are later on in life.

And then I deleted all of that.

Because really, the quote “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” has nothing to do with any of that.

It’s a straight up question. Pick an age, any age. How old would you be? 10? 20? 36? 90?

I’m a “there’s no going back” kind of gal. I try to be content with where I am, even as I aim for the future. But, if I were to pick an age, I’d grab “thirtysomething.” My thirties were the years when I began to wrestle with my stuff. When I unpacked truth from lies … and began to accept the beautiful, awful truth. When I began to separate who I was from who I was supposed to be. My thirties were excrutiatingly painful years … and some of my most honest years. The mask came off … and for the first time I looked in the mirror and liked who I saw.

And in between all that growing, all that changing, all that honesty … well, I’d travel a bit more.

In Your Words: What about you? What age would you be if you didn’t know what age you were? Why? What would you be doing?

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  1. I’m a pharmacist and always see a patient’s date of birth. I often meet new people who I think are older than me, and I’m shocked to discover they are the same age or even younger.

    Then I meet others who have such a kind spirit and joy of life, that I’m shocked to discover how old they are.

    Sometimes I think I’d like to go back to my twenties and make better decisions, but I have a wonderful husband and two amazing sons. I’m closer to God through all the trials I’ve been through. So I’m content with the age I am. I still spend time with God, and I make goals and enjoy life. Like the hymn says, “It is well with my soul.”

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      Like you, I am content with the age I am. Not always content with the decisions I’ve made along the way, but I trust God has brought good out of all circumstances.

  2. Interesting question. I shuffle between contentment in the age I am now, with the life experiences and the growing comfortableness with who I am, and the desire to be a little younger with the same amount of wisdom. There are things I’d like to do/have more time to do, sometimes I wish I was a little younger as a mom for our boys. But, when I get right down to it, I am exactly where I am meant to be in life, and I am growing daily into the woman God created me to be. So, I’ll take that.

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  3. I’d definitely be younger than the calendar says and my general health & usual energy are good so I’m grateful for that. A pastor once told me God has added a generation to my life–I’ll take that, too.

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  4. If I could go back, I would be comfortable with my skin and not bake in the sun. 🙂 And I’d be comfortable in my skin. I’m like you … right at 30 … I discovered what mattered most in life–knowing God. And today though, I’m comfortable with my skin and in it! 🙂 Blessed by you … I needed that reminder, Beth.

  5. Well, you see, I see this question differently. I see it as how old do you feel? And I feel like I was 21. I think I can still do the things I did then. Things like riding a bucking horse or running easily or walking a log across a river. I refuse to admit I can’t do those things any more.

    But if the question is, what age would you choose to be? it would be now. This is the greatest time in my life. I’m living my dream.

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