In Others’ Words: Choosing to Live Inside Hope

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Do you know what you hope for?

We talked about life themes on Tuesday and I think what we hope for is linked to our life theme. If, as I said in the post two days ago, my life theme is relationships, than I hope for healthy relationships. Loving relationships. Life-giving relationships.

Obviously I’m talking about the capital “H”, capital “O”, capital “P”, capital “E” HOPE here — not the little wishful hoping that we toss around here and there throughout the day. Things like: I hope I get a parking space close to the store. I hope my package shows up today. I hope I have a good hair day.

But this idea of living inside what we hope for intrigues me. I love Barbara Kingsolver’s challenge to not admire hope from a distance … to not even settle for embracing hope, but to “live right in it.” Life would look different if we immersed ourselves in hope. I have to believe that discouragement and doubts and all the “I can’ts” we bombard ourselves with would dissipate if we figured out what we hoped for and then lived in that hope.

In Your Words: What do you hope for? How would life be different if you lived right in that hope?

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  1. Okay, can I just say I loved this post? My One Word for the year is Hope. And this quote, and what you shared, spoke right to my heart. I never thought about admiring hope from afar, rather than living right in it. It’s sometimes easier to admire it from afar, because to live in it feels risky to the heart.

    You’ve given me much to think about today. Thank you for that!

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  2. You’re a great role model in developing and supporting meaningful relationships. I’m a personal recipient of you reaching out and forever value the results. In fact, you’ve maybe earned a PhD–Personality highest Development–with highest honors! Thanks, and may it all return to you a million-fold.

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