In Others’ Words: How Far are You Going?

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Fear can push you

Fear has motivated me to do things. Fear of losing someone I care about or of losing their approval — has caused me to do and say certain things. Sometimes I’ve even chosen to violate my personal values in the hopes of satisfying someone else’s expectations.

That’s an ugly truth, but I strive to be honest with you all on this blog.

The desire to overcome fear has pushed me to do things, too. Ask my kiddos about the time I said, “Let’s go! Everybody on the waterslide!” And I was the first one to the top of that ridiculously tall waterslide because I wasn’t going to let fear stop me from having fun with with my children. Only once I was at the top, waiting for my turn to slide down, I kept thinking, “So, when does the fun start?”

But love? Love has indeed taken me further than fear ever has. More often than not, fear has held me back with thoughts of “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t.” Love, however, always offers hope and the promise of more. That I can be more. That I am already enough. And love also challenges me to offer more to others.

Choosing love allows us to live courageously. And courage, well, courage will take you further than you ever imagined.



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In Your Words: Where has fear taken you? Where has love taken you?



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  1. You are the queen of the best posts I’ve seen & I love this. My first instant thought was love took Jesus all the way to the cross. I fly to the Philippines next Tues. on next mission trip. Driving a l-o-n-g ways yesterday, the challenging thought came to me, “For me to live is Christ.” May he make me love enough to make that true in every needed detail, facial expression, and comment.

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