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Keep Learning Twain Quote 2014I remember my last day of college. I didn’t skip across campus, but oh, I wanted to! I didn’t have to take another class ever again … unless I wanted to. And back back then, I was convinced I would never want to take another college class ever again.

I haven’t gone back to college, but I’ve taken a variety of classes, mentorships, attended conferences and retreats. All voluntarily … all because I wanted to learn something. Taking a class, signing up for a mentorship, attending a conference or retreat was the best way to find out what I needed to know. Afterward, I was often dead-tired physically and mentally … but my mind was pinging with all the new information, all the possibilities.

I’m not the same person I was when I walked across that college campus — and it isn’t all about what I’ve learned in workshops. Sometimes the more significant truths have been learned in the still hours in the middle of the night, when it’s just me, my journal, and my open Bible. Sometimes the “Aha!” moments have happened in the midst of conversetion with trusted family or friends.

In Your Words: What’s the last thing you learned? And how did you learn it: in a classroom? A conference? A conversation? 


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  1. Generally I have to learn by doing. In the sheet metal and welding work I do, I’m often faced with things that are sorely puzzling. These are the result of manufacturing techniques that have been obsolete for decades, and they’ve been forgotten.

    If I can find a clue somewhere on the internet, I make use of it. If there’s someone I can call, I do. But usually it’s a matter of thinking about it until I can find a way to invent a method equivalent to what was originally used, and implement it – hopefully with some success.

  2. I’ve been learning/observing the last few days that some of the gifts and challenges in my older son, are found in lesser forms in me. I’m quite surprised about one parallelism, but it gives me a good handle to understand and respond to him, and ask God to further refine.

  3. What I learned lately was to cease striving and wait for His direction. I was stuck right in the middle of my story, my mind blank–I couldn’t even remember what my story question was. Thank goodness it was over my computer. lol. Psalm 46:10 came to my mind. Cease striving and know that I am God. So that’s what I did for a week. Worked on something else, took a trip. And yesterday morning when I woke, the solution was there. Today I’m finishing up that scene and moving to the next one.

  4. I got a Windows 8 touchscreen tablet recently. Need I say more!?

    Something I need to learn: You use so many beautiful pictures with quotes or verses. Where do you find those? Do you use pictures from or similar place and add the quotes yourself? Do you have suggestions on the software to use to add quotes to pictures?

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