In Others’ Words: Listen for the Laughter

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I got together with several writing friends last night. We talked writing, of course. And we also talked about what was going on in our lives. The common theme for all of us? Life was crazy

I wish I could say that our lives were crazy-fun, but we’re all dealing with different versions of crazy-challenging kinds of things. Crazy-exhausting kinds of things. Crazy-this-isn’t-what-I’d-planned kinds of things.

Anybody out there reading this know what I mean?

But you know what was woven in the midst of all our “here’s what’s going on in my life” conversation? 


And the laughter made it all, well, not better … but easier. Our laughter added a different bit of background music to our words, lightening our hearts, and reminding us that, even in the midst of the crazy, life is good.

I don’t know if I’ve had days devoid of all laughter. It’s possible. I’ve had days … even weeks … where the chasm of heartache seemed too wide to ever get across.

But I know that laughter has often rescued me from hopelessness. Laughter has often reminded me that life goes on. That yes, joy comes in the morning … and in the middle of the day … and at the end of a longer-than-long day when you’re sitting with a bunch of friends who understand that sometimes crazy is all you’ve got. And what else are friends — and faith — for?

In Your Words: How’s your day going? Do you hear laughter in your world today? 

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  1. Great post, Beth. Our day started an hour earlier than normal, and one of our “young ‘uns” is making me pay for that. So today, I’m going to choose to listen for—and find ways to engage in—laughter. Goodness knows I need it!

    Loved this post. Laughter definitely calms and lightens a heavy spirit.

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  2. I don’t agree with e.e. cummings. Laughter’s nice, but hardly needed, at least for me.

    It’s not that I lack a sense of humour, though many (including my wife) would feel I do. It’s just built differently, and while I never laugh and very rarely smile, I do find many thing amusing.

    To wit – Barbara is now a supervisor, and she has people working under her direction. So yesterday I told her that she should take some Rod Stewart CDs to work, to become the perfect 23rd Psalm boss.

    “Thy Rod and thy Staff, they comfort me.”

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  3. Laughter really helps. I’ve been intentionally forcing myself to think of funny things in my life, stories that make me laugh, and sharing them with others so they might laugh, too. It keeps my mind off of the not-so-funny things going on all around us. Great post, Beth!

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  4. My life’s been crazy busy lately, which is usually the way I like it, but heavy schedule plus 2 anti-wasp venom injections, which do have side effects, made my heady wonky and when I stirred from good sleep at 1 a.m. I realized I had missed a writers’ mtg. I had REALLY wanted to attend. I highly respect and enjoy the speaker, and that event can’t be recaptured. Sometimes all you can realistically do is laugh to make the best of it and move on. I did also suggest to the event leaders that they send out mtg. reminders, as that would have stirred me to remembrance. Today’s going to be a good day, though, and I am at least well-rested and thankful for that.

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      Yes, sometimes we have to laugh and let go of mistakes or missed opportunities — and you, being the wise woman you are, also took the opportunity to offer a suggestion so that missing a meeting doesn’t happen again!

  5. Love this post, Beth! What a scrumptious photo of your grand-love!

    Yes, caring for Mother (who’s doing better, thank you), her dog, our new puppy and our other dogs has been quite the challenge. But the new puppy’s antics provide all the laughter we need. He’s such a goofy nut, we sometimes call him Chet (the reindeer-in-training from Santa Clause 2 –

    I think laughter in the face of adversity is a bold statement that we are trusting God to get us through. Thanks so much for this post!

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      Oh, Angie, just mentioning Chet the reindeer-in-training made me smile. He’s one of my favorite bits int heat movie! And puppies? Well, the provide lots of reasons to laugh, don’t they?

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