In Others’ Words: Of Puddles and Progress

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Puddles 2016

It’s raining here in Colorado. 

I’m not one of those people who love rainy days. A couple of my kiddos do, but not me. Rain interferes with things I want to do, like walking in the morning with my friend Mary. And it steals away those sunny days Colorado is known for. I’m all for the sunshine.

But there’s no getting around rainy days … and there’s no getting around puddles in our paths, either. We have options, of course. At the first sign of rain, we can stop walking. When we come upon a puddle in our path,  we can veer off course and walk along the shoulder. But sometimes the shoulder is rocky. Or it’s a ravine. Or it’s nonexistent.

Sometimes to keep moving forward, we’re gonna get our feet wet. We’re gonna be uncomfortable. We just have to choose to take the next step through the puddle. Or maybe, just maybe, we should adopt the sweet abandon of a child and splash through the puddle with laughter.

In Your Words: So are you a rainy day person? What do you like about rainy days? And what helps you walk through the puddles in your paths?

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  1. Reminds me of something I read in Shunryu Suzuki’s “Zen Mind, Simple Mind”…and old Zen monk was dying of cancer, and when asked about it he said, “Sun-faced Buddha, moon-faced Buddha.”

    Rain is simply rain. I neither like it nor dislike it. It’s part of life, in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

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  2. Great post, Beth. You’re right. Sometimes the best way to deal with the puddles is to go through them. That may have to be the choice I make, but I can determine HOW I go through them. With a good attitude and a splash is a better way than trudging and complaining, yes?

    I like a mix of weather that has more sun than rain. But I like the rainy days when they come. Just don’t ask me to move to Seattle. 😉

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      I visited Seattle in March. And people just went on with their lives, come rain or come shine. And there was definitely more rain. No grumbling. No whining. Lots of umbrellas. You live in Seattle, you do the rain.

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