In Others’ Words: The Freedom of Security

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How are you feeling 2016

“Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure.”

I kept mulling over today’s quote as I wrote my blog post. Do I believe it? Embrace it as true? Think it’s good advice to be followed?


I’m all about honesty, after having faked my way through life for too, too long. I stopped pretending I was someone else a number of years ago. I like myself, but that doesn’t mean that I like every single chapter of my life story. But when I look in the mirror, I now acknowledge the complete story of who I am.

Just like everyone else, at times I struggle with insecurity. Today’s quote suggests that I get past those moments of “I think I can’t”  by choosing to act out of a sense of security. Ignoring my wavering emotions. Silencing self-doubt by choosing to remember when I felt secure in who I am — and letting those truths spur my actions.

If I always rested in the security of who I am — forgiven, chosen, beloved, creative, braver than I ever thought — what would I do?

I’d dream out loud more often … and invite others to dream out loud too.

I’d compete only against myself — and enjoy the challenge.

I’d trust God’s love with reckless abandon — and never, ever, ever let the enemy be my voice of authority. 

In Your Words: What would you do if you felt most secure? Or, even better, what do you do when you feel most secure? 

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  1. I’d take bigger flights without a safety net sure that I’d make it or that His hands would give me the boost to soar over any obstacles as He has done every time before. In fact, that’s what I’m about to do, so I see that I feel more secure than I sometimes think.

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      How wonderful to realize you feel more secure than you realize. I’m not surprised. You are an adventurer by nature, and I know it’s your faith in Him that helps you live a life of boldness.

  2. When you say you faked your way through life, I can relate to that. Sometimes life throws me a curve, and I act like I’m okay with that and fake my way through it. This is not always a good thing.

    I often lose sight of who I am in God. I focus on how I want to honor Him, and I don’t relax into who I am to Him. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

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      You said it so well: “I focus on how I want to honor Him, and I don’t relax into who I am to Him.” Relaxing into who we are in God is one way to honor Him … it’s an act of trust, a way of saying, “I believe you are who you say you are and I don’t have to pretend I’m okay because I know You are in this moment.”

  3. Great post, my friend. This is a challenging quote for me. Some of what you shared dovetails with things I heard at ACFW. Sometimes, to live and do things as if I am most secure means shifting my perspective. As I learn how to do this, as I learn how to view my life story through new eyes, I trust God will help me live more secure and base decisions on this, rather than on the fear that insecurity fosters within me.

    I’ll be mulling this one over today.

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