In Others’ Words: The Joy of Losing

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The Joy of Losing 2016.

There’s certainly something to be said about receiving and the kind of joy it brings. Receiving a gift. A compliment. A raise. Unexpected good news.

But there’s also a special kind of joy that comes with giving away. Giving away some of your time to someone else who needs your help. Sometimes you might give away money — because you have extra and someone else has less. Anything you have that someone else needs: compassion, your talent for sewing or cooking or organizing or building. Or maybe you give away some prized possession you love because you know someone else will love it just as much as you do …  or maybe even a little bit more.

How often do we think of giving away something as decreasing what we have? As losing? Instead, it’s the most miraculous form of multiplying joy.

In Your Words: When has losing equaled gaining for you? When has someone given something to you and multiplied your joy? 

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  1. I never see giving away as losing. It’s sharing. I’ll never forget God telling me to give a specific amount of money to someone. It was so much fun to see her open the card and look around the room, trying to figure out who could have put the money at her table.

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      Pat, of course being the woman you are, you wouldn’t think of giving away as losing. That’s not your heart, that’s not your perspective! And that’s why I am thankful I know you! 🙂

  2. It was only when I gave up on my dreams that I realized their true worth; what I had come to denigrate as temporal and tawdry actually shone with the inner light of transcendence.

    I had only seen the surface, but in letting go and watching them fall away I could see the substance that links us to the Almighty, and to one another.

    And I could pick them up once again, with a clear eye and a light heart.

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