In Others’ Words: The Power of Truth

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This quote gives me hope.

There are times in my life when lies prevailed — when I even willingly embraced lies, believing them to be true.

But what I’ve learned is that ultimately, a lie must bend to Truth. Even more, Truth will break a lie until it is nothing more than crumbled dust that you can hold in your hand and blow away.


Just like that.

“Then you will know the truth and the truth will set your free.” (John 8:32 NIV)

There’s nothing in that verse that says knowing the truth is easy. Sometimes it takes years to recognize and to stop listening to a lie. But the beautiful, hope-filled promise is truth will prevail.

In Your Words: How has truth prevailed in your life?

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  1. It’s funny how Truth doesn’t go away. Sometimes it’s the elephant in the room and sometimes it’s the small ant, but it’s there nevertheless. And it cannot be ignored. And you’re right–when we embrace Truth, it sets us free.

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  2. The deepest truth is a birthing, attended by the midwives of pain and fear.

    The crucible of knowing that all souls are precious to God came with the power and authority over life and death. Viewed through rifle optics, the small gestures that make us human – an itchy nose, the waving away of an irritating fly – speak to the vulnerability and nobility that truly bind us to the Almighty.

    To take a life calls for less effort, from one’s index finger, than opening a can of Coke.

    It will drive one mad, or drive one to God.

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  3. Sometimes truth has prevailed one agonizing step, or decision at a time. A choice to believe what God’s word said over what the tape recorder in my mind kept playing back at me. Truths that have combatted the lies of rejection have taken years to record their words over the words I grew up with. There are still times when rejection’s lies try to influence me, but I can turn to the truths God has shown me through His love more quickly than I used to.

    1. So excited about your progress, Jeanne! It’s very hard to shut off that tape recorder. But God is so faithful to keep showing us truths about ourselves and our place in His salvation and love. Such a sweet reminder!


  4. Truth WILL prevail. It always comes out, whether today or thirty years from now. Thank the Lord. With truth comes peace – regardless of the pain. Thanks for this beautiful reminder today.

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    Truth is a choice, just a believing and accepting a lie is a choice.
    And the choosing of one or the other can become a habit.
    And all habits can be broken.

  6. So simple, so true and, sometimes, so hard to trust. However, Truth prevails whether I trust or not, so why not make my life more peaceful and believe it happens? I appreciate the confirmation.

  7. I the truths He has seared onto my heart are these: God has never let me down. He has never pulled the rug out from under me. He has never mocked me. He has never lied. He has never laughed at me. He has never told me I was created to suffer and struggle to amuse Him.
    He loves me more than I can comprehend.

    1. So wonderful, Jennifer!
      And I love your wording, the “truths He’s seared onto” your heart. That is exactly the picture I have of the way His truth has literally been made a part of who I am. Like being branded. Even if I were tempted to doubt, it’s there, plain as day. The truth. No one can take it away.

  8. When I am depressed and old [bad] habits creep back in, the hardest truth for me to believe is that God loves me through it. That His love tugs me away from the sin and back to His heart. That He’s generous and patient enough to extend forgiveness yet again to such a foolish little girl as me.

    Thanks for a great quote, Beth.


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