In Others’ Words: What Christmas is Not

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The Real Spirit of Christmas 2015

We so often think of what Christmas is … and rarely think of what Christmas is not. 

And yet Calvin Coolidge, best known as a a former U.S. president, so succinctly states what Christmas is not: It is not a time or a season … despite Christmas coming ’round the same month each year.

I have to agree with former President Coolidge that Christmas is a state of mind. Not of mankind’s mind toward one another. No. Rather, it is God’s mind toward His creation.

Peace on earth … in the form of a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Goodwill toward men … announced by the angels to the shepherds. Not judgement. Not anger. God’s goodness.

Plenteous mercy … described in the Word as God’s lavish grace.

And if we, who are created in the image of God, choose to reflect peace and goodwill and mercy, during what remains of the month of December … all the better. All the better.

In Your Words: How would you fill in this sentence: Christmas is not ___________________, but _______________________________.


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