In Others’ Words: What Would You Wish For?

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What Would You Wish For 2016

Today’s quote has just a touch of whimsy to it, don’t you think?

Haven’t we all dreamed of a wish or two coming true? Maybe paused a moment or two longer before we blew out the candles on our birthday cake and wished extra hard for a certain something? Tossed a few coins in a wishing well? Or wondered when our fairy godmother was going to show up and announce she had our longed-for dream all taken care of?

Making a wish for someone else? Now that’s a whole other matter, isn’t it? A wish-coming-true that would affect someone’s future … what would you wish for a just-born child?

In Your Words: Forget the fairy godmother angle. What one thing, what one characteristic, would you consider the most useful gift to endow a child with? What would you wish for if your wish could come true for a newborn child — and influence their future?

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