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I attended a writers retreat in Monterey, CA last month. The theme? Dream Big.

There was a lot to love about those three days. Just look at that first sentence again:  I was at a retreat. With other writers. In Monterey.  But the encouragement, the time, to dream and dream big?

I don’t want to forget that.

And then I came across today’s quote and I realized the dream I am living today is what I dreamed about when I was much, much younger. Sure, there were other dreams. But being a writer was the one constant dream.

And it’s the one I hope only gets bigger, not smaller, as the years pass.

But I know that not everyone follows von Schiller’s advice and “keeps true” to the dreams of their youth. My doctor-husband, for example, was months away from graduating with an astronautical engineering degree when God stepped into his life and redirected him. The end of one dream (being an astronaut) and the beginning of another (medical school).

In Your Words: What about you? Have you stayed true to the dreams of your youth — or found yourself embracing a new dream?


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  1. Good point. I’m thankful our dreams can grow with us. I dreamed of having a writing, teaching, and traveling. Am blessed in last two, still further defining and stepping into the writing dream.

  2. My dreams have been modest: to be a wife, to be a mom and my secret dream of writing a book. None of these dreams have come easily, but they have all become part of the fabric of who I am.

  3. Some of my dreams stayed true like becoming a wife and mother… but God had better dreams for me then I had for myself. Writing it’s one of those beautiful surprises! 🙂

  4. I was one of those kids who stapled computer paper together and wrote “books” since the age of 6. But I kind of gave up on the dream of writing books when I was about 17 and decided to pursue journalism in college. I liked writing and editing, but thought there was waaaay too much competition out there, and I didn’t have anything unique to write about anyway.

    But God has a way of bringing us back to those dreams at the right time, I think. I discovered and became a voracious reader of this genre called Christian fiction…and Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love changed my life. Made me think, “Hey, I could write and make an impact by writing about how God changes people.” But it wasn’t until I was in my master’s program and “randomly” took a fiction writing class, for fun. Yeah, nothing random about it to God.

    And so, the dream was rediscovered, dusted off, and put back up on that shelf. And here we are.

  5. I dreamed of being a writer since I was seven. I didn’t turn my dream into the goal of publication and seriously begin work on a story until forty years later. I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer. =)

  6. I’ve dreamed of being a writer from my youth, but I also dreamed of being a wife and a mommy. One big dream was to homeschool my children. When I realized I had come to the end of my own abilities (with a Kindergartner, a pre-schooler and twin infants), and I had to put my daughter in school, it was definitely the death of a dream (and I grieved a great deal) – but it was one that God had directed me to give up for a season. I still hope to homeschool, but God showed me that I must never hold a dream higher than Him and I should never be in a place where I can’t give that dream up if He asks me to. So now, when I dream, even about writing, I always try to remember that my biggest dream, and my greatest hope, lies in Him – everything else may fade away, but He will remain forever.

  7. I love the quote “Dream big.” I set out to be a counselor. I’ve got the degrees, but stopped short of getting licensed when I realized I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. The one right reason was I wanted to help people, which I can do through writing. Plus, a laptop is a better fit for me than a therapist’s couch. All I’d want to do on it is take naps.

  8. ‘And then I came across today’s quote and I realized the dream I am living today is what I dreamed about when I was much, much younger. Sure, there were other dreams. But being a writer was the one constant dream.’

    Love that,Beth! Your posts are always inspirational 🙂
    Being a writer is a dream of mine too! But I sure am grateful to God for today’s blessings.

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