In Your Words: The Making of a Memory

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I am very fond of memories. 

I’m the type of person who saves cards — birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, thank you cards, “just because” cards. The handwritten notes inside recall to mind the person who gave me the card — the part I treasure most.

I also save photographs, both digital and traditional. Even less-than-perfect blurry ones, because they capture a particularly precious moment in time I want to remember.

And then there are those moments tucked deep in my heart, captured only by my mind’s eye. Forget-me-not instances that I recall when I’m alone … or when I hear the lyrics of a certain song … or when a particular day comes along each year …

Significance — that’s what’s bound up in the memories we keep. Some of the moments I remember best are tear-stained, waiting-for-joy-to-come in-the-morning experiences. Others echo with the faint sound of laughter. But each and every unforgettable memory is woven through with significance that has influenced the making of me.

In Your Words: Are you a memory keeper? A memory maker? I’d be honored if you share a special memory with us here today.

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  1. I’m neither, actually, Beth…under present circumstances memories are too hard to deal with; all of my energy has to go into the present and the immediate future.

    But I do think God is the memory Keeper for us all; I am not worried about forgetting, because He keeps all that is true and worthwhile safe for us, for when we are finally in His presence, and there it can be evergreen.

    I do keep some musical memories, though, and currently it’s “Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo.

    To share the love, I will, hoping it’s OK, share the link –

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      Andrew: “[God] keeps all that is true and worthwhile safe for us …”
      I believe that is true. Thank you for that reminder.
      And thank you for sharing your musical memory. I did take a peek at it.
      I have many musical memories too. Auditory memories are some of the strongest, don’t you think?

  2. My husband can tell you I save everything! I enjoy watching our “home movies”. Just like Chevy Chase in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, I sit and watch and cry and laugh. I even have our wedding and reception on DVD and we’ve been married almost 35 years.
    A really special memory is a recording I made of my paternal grandmother, where I “interviewed her” and got lots of great answers about her life and what was important to her. I typed every single word, made copies and gave them to my cousins and brother. My own copies (two) will go to my daughter and son to remember their great grandmother.

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      Gail: How precious that you interviewed your grandmother.
      My husband’s mom had done extensive family history research and typed it all up for us. I’m very thankful for the memories she’s preserved for generations to come.

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