In Others’ Words: Possible Impossibilities

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It’s Monday.

I think I shall start the week believing the impossible.

There’s so much more breathing space … so much more room for dreaming and doing … when I stress the possible in the word impossible.

Rather than thinking of all I won’t get done today or tomorrow or the day after … rather than thinking won’t and shouldn’t and and can’t and mustn’t … I’ve decided the mental roadblock of the word impossible doesn’t exist. Impossible is now a wide open door to so, so many possibilities.

Who knows what I’ll discover with my eyes wide open and the limitations shoved way-back? Who knows what I’ll accomplish with yes as my answer to all the doubts and questions that want to impede my progress?

Today I am going to believe the truth “I can do all things through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13 NIV) — and not put any hidden qualifiers on the verse. You know what I mean: I can do all things … except for dealing with that family issue. I can do all things … except for juggling those competing demands on my time.

No exceptions. No impossibilities. Care to join me in believing all things are possible?

In Others’ Words: When have you changed your thinking about something impossible — and been surprised to see it become possible?  How would you encourage someone facing an impossible challenge today?

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  1. Beth, I’m working on something quite impossible at the moment. Only my mindset is morphing. For many years, being single has been my marital status, and I’ve been miserable about it. Well, recently, when I was praying one more time for my husband-to-be to come into my life, it hit me like a truckload of bricks. I need to learn to be content. And not only that. If I can learn to be content with being single (my biggest challenge to my dream of becoming a wife), then I will gain so much strength and character that will come in handy many, many times in the future. So, yeah. Impossible task, but I’ve got God on my side, prayers in my heart, and determination in my mind. With that combination, how could this not work?

    Blessings on your totally possible day.


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      This is a beautiful comment — and one that is applicable to all of us, no matter what challenges we are facing. Learning to be content, to trust God with where we are versus where we want to be … And yes, it can be an impossible task. But when we choose to believe the impossible — because we know the God of all possibilities … well, that makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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      It’s getting late here and today has gone nothing like I planned, Pat! We should compare “Planned” vs. “What Actually Happened” notes for the day. 🙂

  2. Beth, I had to think on this one for a long time.

    I suppose that all I can contribute is this – if it’s impossible, and still seems to be worth doing…keep at it, because your interpretation of ‘impossible’ may well be wrong, coloured, as all interpretations are, by the emotion of present circumstance and past experience.

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      Andrew, can I just be honest and say that for all the times your comments have made me stop and think, think, think, there was a part of me that was just a little pleased that my post made you stop and think.
      And yes, I agree with the rest of your comment as I savor the moment.

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  4. I had a friend who used to call me Kim Possible. She didn’t know about the Disney character which made the nickname even funnier … she made it up herself. Great post!

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