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I used to hate change.

I was all about things staying the same. Me. The people around me. Life in general — and in specific.

I’d grit my teeth, close my eyes, dig my heels in … pick your clichéd reaction to change and I did it.

Things staying the same seemed safe. I felt safe. I felt strong.

It took longer than you might expect for me to learn that no amount of teeth gritting or eye closing or heel digging stops things or people from changing.

I learned to unclench my fists from all my expectations — and let go.

You know what? I discovered real strength in facing forward with my eyes open, even daring to walk toward whatever was coming my way, instead of weaving and dodging.

It’s only in the letting go that I was able to embrace what God had waiting for me.


In Your Words: When do you feel strong?

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  1. Like the Scripture says, when I am weak then I am strong. It’s only in getting out of the way and seeing my weakness that I can allow God to take over. There is nothing more powerful than the Holy Spirit at work in me. When I say “I can’t do this anymore” He takes over and I have all the strength I will ever need.

  2. I don’t like change either. Oh, wait, maybe I do. I’d certainly like the change from being one dress size to a smaller one (I wish). I guess I don’t like change that disrupts my life. But like you, I’ve found when I give it to God, change gets a whole lot easier. Great post.

  3. I feel strong when God shows off. I feel strongER when God blows me away and does stuff that is beyond impossible.
    I knew a girl in Bible college who’d been hit by a bus and was badly crippled and her vision was damaged. She limped and wore Coke bottle glasses. One weekend, there was a prayer and healing service. This was at a very conservative Bible college, so the people having the service had to do it on their own time. Go ahead, roll you eyes.
    Now, EVERYONE knew E was a bent over, limping mess and hadn’t stood up straight since the bus smacked into her years before. She had zero self esteem. And moved her whole head to look from one direction to another. The glasses were that thick and heavy. She was what society deemed a ‘loser’. A cast-off.
    A nothing.

    Until one Saturday night.
    When God came in all His glory.
    Rolled up his sleeves.
    Stretched out His hand.



    That girl walked into class Monday morning, standing tall and straight, no glasses, perfect vision, swinging her arms, laughing with joy.

    Thunder bowed in fear that night, God was in the house!

  4. My challenge is that I LOVE change. I crave it, instigate it, am always running toward it. I fear having no change, but interestingly we also respond alike and find strength in God when we let Him plan. Because I’m so busy running through doors, God often has to send me back two or three times to get what I did not take time to notice or listen to in the last room. Like Jennifer, I’ve seen many instances where God has allowed me to see Him work. That too is when I feel strong – reminded that life is not about me but about God – knowing Him, walking with Him and stopping often, mouth agape to say Look What God Has Done!

  5. I’m hold on too tight and for too long, so I’m happy for the reminder it doesn’t ward off change, it only exhausts me.

    I attended a women’s conference Friday and chose the workshop “Letting Go Of It All,” about a woman who gave up everything to serve in Haiti. I’m asking God that we take my changes in baby steps, please.

  6. I usually resist change, finding it uncomfortable, but oh how I love the results. Sort of like watching the nutcracker apparatus approaching to get past the useless wooden shell to the real golden food inside.
    My interesting inconsistency is that I also hate boredom, fight it like crazy, love travel and new experiences–but maybe those are external versus inner change, except they sometimes facilitate inner change. I guess I can be a grandma and still not fully understand myself, but there’s a world of more interesting subjects for study all around me.

  7. Wow, Beth, I LOVE this quote. I’m so thankful that when I’m too weak to let go, God’s strength enables it. In spite of me. I feel strongest when all is well and weakest when it’s not. But His glory shows through my weakness, so I boast. Quietly at first. Until I remember Who gets the glory. Then it BLARES. Thanks for this today, my Friend.

  8. What a beautiful post. I’m not one who likes change, for the most part. Being a military wife and moving around has loosened some of the resistance to change. Having kids has facilitated more letting go.

    I guess I feel strongest when I am trusting God with situations in my life. I can rest in him, knowing “He’s got it.” Rest=trust=strength for me.

  9. Beth, learning to let go is so hard! But it’s well worth it. God’s greatest plans are often tucked away for when we finally let go of the things we hold onto. Just like your “doors marked never” thing. 🙂

    The times I feel the strongest are just after moments of pouring out my tears at God’s feet. He picks me up and holds me tight, tips my chin up and says, “You are My daughter. I’ll help you through this.” It’s His strength I feel, which is why I feel the strongest then. His strength is so much sturdier than my own.


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