In Others’ Words: Teams and the Power of Game Changers

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American football equipment - helmet. Sport team concept. Football player bootsYes, I love football.

And yes, I am a Denver Bronco fan — and a Peyton Manning fan too. And, in an exercise of full disclosure, I am also thrilled that Tim Tebow is getting another shot at the NFL.

But despite the beginning of this blog, today is not about football. Nope. Today’s post is about teams and about being a game changer. Teams happen all sorts of places besides sports fields. And being a game changer can happen anywhere too.

Families are teams. Friends can become teams. There are ministry teams and work teams and we’re-pursuing-the-same-dream together teams.

I love when a team:

  1. is led by a strong leader — but not a dictator
  2. has a “one for all, all for one” mentality
  3. allows each member to discover both their weaknesses and their strengths — growing out of former and developing the latter

And game changing? You never know when or how a game might change … or who might change the balance of power. My husband often tells me that more points are scored in the last two minutes of a football game than all the time before thatany other two-minute segment of the game. It’s amazing the power of a ticking clock, isn’t it? And there’s also something to be said about never giving up . . . and never thinking you won’t be the one who will change things. We’ve all seen a defensive player intercept a pass and run for a game-winning touchdown, right?

In Your Words: Who is on your team — and whose team are you on? When was the last time you were a game changer? (And just for fun: What’s your favorite football team?)


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  1. I enjoyed this post. My husband and boys are definitely on my team. I have some friends who are also. 🙂 They show their support in different ways.

    I’m on God’s team first. Then on my family’s team. And also on the teams of friends. Trying to support as I can. I’m still learning how.

    And, for the record, I thought of you when I read that Tim Tebow is getting another chance with the NFL. Yayay! 🙂 My favorite team is the Broncos. Always has been. 🙂

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      I love how you say you are on God’s team first, Jeanne. Isn’t it wonderful that we can be on His team?

      And yes, I will be investing in my third Tebow jersey! 🙂

  2. I generally try to bring everyone I meet on to my team. 🙂 And like Jeanne says, I’m on God’s team, first.
    Oh, my goodness…what’s my favorite team? Probably the New Orleans Saints. But then, I’m always for the underdog. 🙂

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  3. My family is definitely on my team. I will always need my husband and my son to be on my side. I also have a dear friend who keeps me on my own team during those times when I am feeling a little too lost for words. I am on God’s team all the way. I think we can all be game changers for one another. I do that daily at my office when people call in and ask for prayer. There is a special joy in being invited into the fray for someone else.

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  4. Beth, I enjoyed this article, as I do all your articles, even the ones that challenge me.

    When I was around 14, I decided I didn’t want to be a pessimist anymore. I started praying desperately and with sheer determination that God help me become an optimist. Well, He surpassed my expectations, which He is wont to do, and not only made me a positive thinker but pushed me right into being an encourager. From what people have told me and what God has shown me and impressed upon my heart, “encourager” has become one of my spiritual gifts. That wasn’t at all what I was hoping for when I asked for my pessimism to be taken away. All I was really hoping for was to see the glass as half full instead of insisting it was half empty. But God is a God of incredible blessings. And yes, I am very blessed. As are those around me, apparently, thanks to His glorious grace flowing from His hand to my heart and outward.

  5. Interesting post. A bit different!

    Right now, with very limited internet access, no phone, and usually only dogs to talk to…yeah, it feels pretty isolated, my own private Alamo. My team, today, is me, and I have to build the motivation to go that what I am doing matters, on a daily basis. It can be a tall order.

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