In Others’ Words: What a Laugh Can Do

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The power of laughter 2015

It’s been a week where my emotions have teetered-tottered back and forth — up, down, up down. I never quite hit the ground hard … I always found a way to push myself back up into the air again — up, up, up. But then I’d get that sinking-back-down sensation again.

I never was a fan of teeter-totters.

This week has not been unbearable.There’s been no reason for tears. Even so, laughter has made it easier — helped lift my spirits up,up, up when they’ve wanted to droop down. 

  • Savoring the giggles of my GRANDgirl.
  • Sharing a laugh with my teenager and husband while we watched comedian Brian Regan unravel real life.
  • Relishing the humor in my son’s debut novel, Enter the Janitor –and urban fantasy about cleaners who eradicate impurities from the universe. (Yes, you read that right.)

If I had to say why I’ve teetered-tottered this past week, I’d say my resiliency meter was low. And yes, there are reasons for that. But laughter is powerful. As Bob Hope says, laughter can transform situations … laughter can transform us.

In Your Words: How’s your week gone? What’s caused you to laugh this week? What transforms your tough or unbearable situations? 

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  1. Sorry it was a hard week, Beth.

    Mine kinda sucked, but I have found that the only way to repay Hell is with unremitting aggression. I don’t laugh much, except at things like getting a saw blade stuck in a bone in my hand, when it slipped. Most would not find that amusing, but it did have a touch of both the ironic and the absurd, and my laugh was both genuine and heartfelt.

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      Is that what you call a bit of personal slapstick humor, Andrew? I’m cringing — you’re laughing? I hope you are feeling better and that your injury is healing.

  2. Bob Hope (so properly named) and many great comedians/comediennes had challenging interesting childhood backgrounds that made them rise to the occasion and care about lifting the spirits of others. They tapped into something vital and mastered it and ran with it to the benefit of all of us. Many were/are also involved in philanthropic expressions–that fits hand in glove.
    It’s been a fairly good week with enough challenges to still expand my horizons–and that’s a good thing.

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      One of my favorite things about Bob Hope is how he visited the troops during the war — bringing them laughter and hope during extremely trying times. I love the USO shows!
      Glad you had a good week!

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  3. Beth, I’m sorry it’s been such an up and down week for you. Mine’s been a bit of the same. Some ups, some downs. Lots of weariness.

    Each of my boys have made me laugh this week, usually with something they’ve said. There is something about laughter that lifts the human spirit. 🙂

  4. I loved Bob Hope. His name was perfect for him because, through stories and laughter, he offered so much hope to so many. Laughter is a great cure for much of what ails us. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about this truth and about Bob.

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