In Others’ Words: Who Do You Show Up For?

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Show UpSo here’s the question: Who do you show up for?

Another question: How do you show up for the people you love?

One more question for today: Who taught you the importance of showing up?

And that’s all  I’ve got for today. As my friend, Mary, said this morning when I told her I’d pushed SEND on my manuscript: “You can’t brain today.”

Yeah. Exactly so.

In Your Words: It’s all about showing up — who, how, and who again. I’d love for you to join the conversation.

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  1. I’m glad you couldn’t “brain” the next day. I realize I’ve learned to reach into God and as much as I can be peace in a storm and steadying love and encouragement. Letting that move through me strengthens and steadies me, too.

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      Andrew: You show up every day for others, me included.
      And I know it is hard to see you in pain. I hate that you are, and I only know of it, don’t actually see it. But I am thankful for you showing up here every day that you do.

  2. So thankful for my new husband who is showing me this in action. He is ‘showing up’ for his step-dad who is living his last few days here in this earth. Such an example to me of unselfish love.

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  3. Love this, Beth. I show up for my family and my close friends. It appears in different ways. For my family, it sometimes suspiciously looks like discipline and loving afterwards. It looks like showing grace when one of the boys is working through anger. It looks like a hug, a meal served, time taken to listen. It looks like prayer for those I can do nothing else for. It looks like a note given/received just when it’s needed.

  4. During my twenties I learned how important it is for families to stick together. Because of several moves and making new friends over and over, I learned your family will always be there for you. And even more important than family, I can always count on God.

    I bought Crazy Little Thing Called Love and have it packed for vacation next week. I can’t wait to start it!

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