In Others’ Words: Today

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” Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered.”

~Dr. Seuss, author


What if we focused on today, Friday, May 4, 2012?

What if, when people remembered you, the things you said and did today were the only things they would recall?

Not yesterday.

Not tomorrow.


What would you do — and not do?

What would you say — and not say?

Just for today.

In Your Words: You’ve got 24 hours. Make a memory.


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  1. There’s my challenge–make a memory. Today. Thanks for that reminder, Beth. As I look at what this day promises to hold, I need to be purposeful in this. 🙂

  2. I will smile at the person who cuts in ahead of me instead of …
    I will hug someone who doesn’t get many hugs…
    I will thank the computer tech on the phone and try harder to understand her/him…
    I will refrain from snatching the cigarette from the mouth of the teenager outside the grocery…
    I will wait patiently at Walmart as the “correct change” queen searches for those last two pennies…

  3. Ha, no pressure!! 😛

    I would take time to minister to the hurting instead of rushing past in my whirlwind desire to “succeed.”

    I’d re-evaluate my definition of “success.”

  4. I’m at a church women’s retreat next to a lake with tossing but refreshing waves and wind. I will store up this peace and freshness, dispensing it as breaths-of-fresh-air in hugs, facial expressions, kind or funny words, until the recipients feel like they’ve had a day at the lake.

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