In Others’ Words: Kindness

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“Kind words are the music of the world.” ~F.W. Faber, British hymn writer

To think of my words as music … that gives me pause.

When I speak, what am I adding to the melody others hear? Are my words kind–adding a gentle beauty to the world? Or do harsh words create a discordant ugliness?

Scripture warns words can be as destructive as fire, as damaging as the slashes of a sword … but how we speak to someone else can also be as healing as a soothing melody.

Powerful, yes?

The question is: Powerful how?

In Your Words: What song are your words creating today?


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  1. This page is looking wonderful–and what an endorsement! Words, voices, are music (or dissonance). Sometimes even when overhearing at a distance they draw us near, or turn us away. They say plants grow more lush in the presence of good words, music, wither in the opposite–definitely something to think about.

    1. Dee,
      I’ve often p’shawed the thought that plants react to words. But then again, why not? They’re living organisms … I certainly know that people react to words (sounds, music) both good and bad. Last night I fell asleep humming a snippet of an old hymn. Don’t know how it got into my head, but it put a smile on my lips as I fell asleep.

  2. My prayer is that my words will present an upbeat melody in the ears of hearers today. Those hearers will mostly be my family. So, I’m praying now that I’m not speaking cacophanous sound or a dirge, but something upbeat and joyful in their ears. Thanks, Beth!

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