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“The way to know life is to love many things.”

~Vincent van Gogh, Dutch impressionist painter

Loving many things = knowing life.


There’s a Greek word for “know”: epiginosko, which means to become thoroughly acquainted with, to know well, to percieve, by sight, by hearing … to understand.

Expanding that initial equation a bit (which is a reduction of van Gogh’s quote): Loving many things helps us understand, to become thoroughly acquainted with life … helps us to see and hear life.

Loving sunsets and sunrises … somehow helps me know/perceive/understand life.

Loving the sound of laughter … somehow helps me know/perceive/understand life.

Loving intangibles like honesty and loyalty and a sense of humor (yes, that too!) … helps me know/perceive/understand life.

Loving my husband … my children … my friends … my enemy … helps me know/perceive/understand life.

In Your Words: What are some of the “many things” you love that help you know life?



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  1. I can relate to this quote. When I began to get serious about writing, I did begin loving things (including life in general more). I noticed things and the beauty flooded in. I love our fingerprints, my dog’s white eyelashes, giving my kiddos kisses, wow…this list could go on…

  2. When my toddler pauses a moment and puts his forehead on mine it helps me know/perceive and understand life. Plus it helps he didn’t punch me in the face. Saved the nice moment. (He doesn’t mean to punch, not really… just a baby still)

  3. For some reason your post brought to mind last Sunday night at church after the service was over. People stood around, talking, laughing…the whole room was a murmur of love and fellowship. People left, basking in the afterglow. As a writer, I want readers to feel that way at the end of my book–up lifted, content.

    1. Artists (and writers are artists with their words) want people to respond to their work … I get what you said here, Pat. This is why we’re told we have to be observant to life around us if we want to write, or draw … or live life fully or love others well.

  4. So many things and people around me help me to know/love/perceive life more fully. Watching God’s colors paint the sky this morning and the nearby trees stand in sihouetting contrast to it filled my spirit with awe. The chilly breeze the rustled the bare branches reminded me that winter is near.

    The full-on little boy hugs I receive daily help me to know life more fully. Reading God’s word, worshiping with music. So much around me to help me know life more fully.

  5. Story. It’s an intangible, but I think my love for story helps me know and understand life. Whether it’s reading, watching or writing my own…

    Definitely humor, too.

    As for tangibles, silly as it sounds, loving flannel helps me know/perceive/understand life, I think because just the feel of it carries me back to the warmth and security of childhood.

  6. What a treasured list to keep. All the things we could take for granted but we try not to. I love it. For me, I am learning to love the hard stuff. It is something God is showing me these last few months. I have always been one to avoid the storms if possible. I think a lot of people are. But He is showing me that I need the storm to understand me and my life and mostly Him better.
    Aside from that – waterfalls are the epitome of bringing all things together – beauty, strength, sustaining life, grandeur and majesty, and cold, danger, and fear.

  7. Sunsets, my 15-year-old cat purring on my lap, my husband with his gentle quiet ways, my daughters ~ two beating me at Scrabble consistently, my youngest just getting promoted to assistant manager within the first year, smiles, friends, exercising classes at the Y daily, journaling, but most of all, the Lord’s care and love for each one of us.

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