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“Maybe miracles are given not to prove anything, but simply to remind us that the physical world is not so solid and real and dependable as we think.”

~Dwight Longenecker, Catholic priest & author

I believe in miracles.

Yes, I do.

Last night, my husband and I celebrated a miracle with our daughter, Katie Beth, and our son-in-love, Nate. (No, they are not expecting. They’re newlyweds!) But a door that seemed firmly shut–slammed in their faces really–is now wide open for them.


Truth be told, this is the second “wow” moment they’ve had in less than two days. Two times when impossible situations were prayed over and changed.


And, yes, I know that sometimes doors stay closed. Sometimes God says no. Not “not now”–a straight up No.

But does that mean we shouldn’t embrace the times God says yes? Does that mean we don’t look for the truth of miracles?

Oh, what we would miss … the beauty. The wonder.

The answers.

The Truth.

In Your Words: What miracles in your life have revealed “that the physical world is not so solid and real and dependable as we think?”

Photo by Rob Vogt, scene created by God

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    1. Ann Voskamp’s book … I am reading that s-l-o-w-l-y. It’s a life-changer, Wendy. She makes me slow down, ponder–see all the reasons to be grateful. Her words are lyrical.

    1. My husband took that stunning photograph during our vacation this summer in Bandon, OR. As far as the quotes, I find them various places. Real Simple offers a quote-a-day. Sometimes I just google “quotes about…” and see what comes up. There are sites devoted to quotes, like

  1. My mom’s recent heart surgery showed me God provides us with modern medicine and talented medical teams, but He is Jehovah Ropha–the Lord our Healer.

    Seeing the morning sunrise and feeling a tiny baby wrap her little hands around my index finger are everyday miracles we seem to take for granted.

  2. I’m also reading One Thousand Gifts, alaso slowly. So much to ponder in that book…Been praying for KB and Nate. Love that photo. It inspires awe! Miracles–probably the biggest besides the gift of salvation would be God gifting us with our two children–offerings of God to bless us and conform us to His image. Every day miracles definitely include sunrises, childrens’ smiles (especially after being corrected) and flowers.

  3. Grateful to come by here today, Beth — and rejoicing with you over the miracles in your family’s life this week!

    I saw Wendy’s and your comments above…I have read Ann Voskamp’s book twice — it has completely changed my outlook in life. Keeping a gift list (I am in the 700s now!) has helped me see God’s miracles, big and small, in the everyday.

    1. I haven’t finished Ann’s book yet. Like I said, reading it slowly for the life change and the chance to savor it. But, oh! The emphasis on savoring … and not missing the beauty of life … the miracles …
      Life changing indeed.
      Thank you for visiting, Michelle.

  4. I’m glad Katie Beth and Nate received some wonderful news. It’s so exciting when the Lord brings about experiences and opportunities we didn’t think possible or even dream about.

  5. Glad for the good news. When my late husband had a stroke, everyone prayed he could walk again. Our prayer was answered when he could move one finger, blink and eventually smile. Those movements were the answers we needed to keep going. That was just one piece in a much larger puzzle of our lives at the time. Love the photo and your photo credit note made me smile.

    1. God always answers, just not always in the way we expect. And sometimes his answer is a “severe mercy,” as it is said.
      I was typing in the photo credit for my husband … he added the “scene by God” part.

  6. Love your thoughts on our lives and their witness. Powerful thoughts to pray, that’s for sure.

    I’m so glad to hear God working in lives. My DH just started at a new job, something he wanted to do for a very long time and it was neat because he didn’t push for it at all. In fact he didn’t even apply for a job. It was also an answer to a long-time prayer of mine for my husband to have a boss with integrity. So neat when God answers in unexpected ways all His own.

    1. Unexpected answers … so precious. But we have to watch for those unexpected answers or we can miss them, can’t we?

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