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I’ve been smiling all week whenever I think about my friend Lisa Jordan. Her Love Inspired debut novel, Lakeside Reunion, is now available on! (Lakeside Reunion will hit bookstore shelves in the next few weeks.)

The novel focuses on forgiveness, as Lindsey Porter, the heroine, struggles to decide if she’s willing to risk her heart for a second chance at love.

When I asked Lisa, aka LJ, why she picked forgiveness as the theme of Lakeside Reunion, she said:

In Lakeside Reunion, Lindsey needs to forgive in order to move on with her life. She feels stuck in limbo as everyone else around her moves forward. When we refuse to forgive, an invisible vise grips our souls and eats away at us like a cancer.

Forgiveness isn’t easy, nor do we have to do it on our own. We can take the problem to God and ask Him to help us release that pain and anger. Over time, we can work to forgive someone who has wounded our core.

Forgiveness liberates us to strengthen our relationships with Jesus and with others. Forgiveness allows Lindsey to close the door to her past and love again. The same can hold true for us if we take that first step.

To read an excerpt of Lisa’s wonderful book (and I’ve read Lakeside Reunion, so I know!) go here.

And Lisa’s hosting a fun scavenger hunt contest to celebrate her book. Go to her contest page for more information about how you could win prizes like a Barnes and Noble gift card or a Bed and Breakfast Basket. Here’s one thing you’ll need from me: The token from today’s blog post is a baby cradle.

One more thing: I’m giving away a copy of Lakeside Reunion. Leave a comment below. Share a thought on forgiveness or congratulate Lisa and you’ll have a chance to win her debut novel.

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  1. Eeee! Lisa, I’m so excited for you! The theme of forgiveness is one that is always current. I’ve always thought I was pretty quick to forgive. Until some things happened earlier this year. I know it is a process, and I’m getting practice at walking through it. Thankfully, God’s forgiveness truly is instantaneous and complete.

    Couldn’t be happier for you!

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanne! You’re so right about God’s forgiveness being instantaneous and complete. Forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does, you will find freedom. 🙂

  2. I agree with Lisa’s comment that a lack of forgiveness eats away at us. I’ve seen this happen in my own life and in others’. I’ve also found it steals away my joy when I hold on to past hurts. Letting them go opens my heart up to joy again.

  3. A thought on forgiveness? Remembering how much we’ve been forgiven is the greatest help. And each time I move forward in this, and it does get easier with practice, I’m the one that encounters tremendous freedom, whether the other person chooses to participate on their end or not.

  4. Everyone has said it so well – Lack of forgiveness is one of those strongholds that Satan loves to use against us. It IS that invisible vise squeezing out the love and forgiveness that God has placed there. We just have to choose to implement it!! Sending a virtual hug to Lisa AND to you, Beth!!

    1. Regina, your key word was choice–forgiveness, like love, is a choice. When we choose to forgive, we are honoring our Heavenly Father who forgives us unconditionally. Hugs back to you, my friend.

  5. I have been forgiven of so much, that is God’s amazing grace. Through my forgiveness God has taught me to forgive. I have looked people in the eye who I thought I never could forgive and told them I do. The most awesome thing was to hear the words, “I’m so sorry,” from the person who hurt me. I through my arms around him and told him I loved him and I meant it! Forgiveness sets us free.

    1. So true, Melissa. Forgiveness does set us free, and it’s a gift of grace toward someone who wronged. Doesn’t mean it’s easy and happens quickly, but when it happens, our hearts will be healed from the wound.

  6. Forgiveness is the most unselfish thing we can do for ourselves. Even if the other person doesn’t want your forgiveness, you can still give it freely, thereby freeing yourself to live fully.

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