In Others’ Words: Where Have You Been?

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girl standing on a beach at sunset

¬†Where has life taken you? That’s not a rhetorical question. I want to know: where has life taken you? What geographical locations have you seen? Cities. States. Provinces. Countries. What mountains have you climbed or skied? What lakes or oceans have you plunged into? Where have you sat and watched the sun rise or set? What place holds your heart …

Contemporary Romance Writer: You are Here — Choosing the Setting of Your Novel

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I spent a few days in Estes Park, CO right before Christmas. While wandering through town, my 11-year-old daughter looked up at me and said, “You should write a book set in Estes Park.” My reply? “I have.” To which she replied, “Oh. Well … I haven’t read your romance novel yet.” Perhaps she now understood why we were traipsing …

Love Finds You … Where?

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Miracle. Revenge. Romeo. Last Chance. Humble. What on earth am I talking … er … typing about? All of those words? They’re the names of real towns or cities in the U.S.A. And Summerside Press has designed an entire inspirational fiction book series around “towns and cities with great names, neat personalities, and colorful histories.” I’d love to meet the …