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Irish blessing 3.10.14What a good way to start the week: with a blessing. A prayer for protection. For sustenance. For joy. For love. For dreams fulfilled.

So after I uploaded the blessing, I did two things:

1. I prayed for each one for you to be blessed today … and this coming week.

2. And I wondered what kind of blessing you would craft. Given the chance to pray a blessing over someone, what words would you utter or write?

I know I would pray something like this:

May you always be blessed with loyal friends. May your days be satisfying and your nights be restful. May your relationships be honest and trustworthy. May you see God’s faithfulness even in the dark times. And may you pursue your dreams with unwavering hope. 

In Your Words: How would you bless others, given the chance? What words would you utter or write? 

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  1. I always love Irish proverbs and blessings. And your thoughts. I’ll have to think on what I would share as a blessing for someone. 🙂 Thanks for making me think on this Beth!

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  2. Love that blessing, Beth. I would pray people would be blessed with laughter…and peace. Two of my favorite things.

    (And just as a sidenote, one of my favorite blessings of last week was our conversation via text on Tuesday morning. 🙂 You never fail to encourage me!)

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  3. This is a great challenge and you did an excellent and comprehensive job. I’d pray for friends to find light in darkness until all darkness flees, to feel God’s love until all empty places fill, and for God’s people to grow in expressing confidence and truth until all incomplete things are gone and God’s day is fully here.

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  4. So wonderful. My version of that this morning…

    I’ve been hotel-ing on my daughter’s sofa for the past two weeks waiting for baby number two to be born. Today my dream-state sensed a small presence and I opened my eyes to the face of an angel: strawberry curls, eyes wide puddles of blue, sucking two fingers while the other tiny hand reached out to “boop” my nose. After a brief snuggle I watched her toddle off to help Daddy prepare a pan of blueberry muffin deliciousness. Add fresh-brewed coffee and the blessing was complete.

    “Those you love near you. And all that your heart might desire.” Now for that baby boy…

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