In Others’ Words: Who Do You Think You Are?

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created by God CS Lewis 2014I first read this quote by C.S. Lewis on my writer-friend, Susan Tuttle’s, blog: Steps Into the Abundant Life. I tucked it away in my quote file thinking I’d highlight it one day … and today’s the day.

I’ve wanted to be a lot of different things in my life.

  • Older — as in “Oh, I can’t wait to be 10 … or 16 … or 21.”
  • As good as — as in “Please let me compare myself with (fill in the blank) and be satisfied.”
  • Content — as in “What I have, what I am is enough.”

And then, somehow, someway, I realized God, who created me (imagine that!) had something to say about who I was … and who I was to become. I was, as C.S. Lewis said, ” … born in God’s thought, and then made by God …” How life-giving is that truth? I embraced that truth. I stopped and listened. I changed my plans, my aspirations …

and yes, I got older.

And I asked him to help me not to strive so much. To stop the comparison game.

And I found contentment in who I was because he had made me with a purpose in mind.

Grand, indeed.

In Your Words: What helped you embrace God’s purpose, his touch, in your life? How do you remind yourself that you were ” … born in God’s thought, and then made by God …”?

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  1. Easy answer. It’s my current circumstances, because now I realize that it’s not about what I achieve, but what I give up for compassion’s sake.

    It’s not about a body of work, it’s about being a channel for love.

    It’s not about saving face, it’s about being grace.

    It’s not about facing death, it’s about embracing life.

    I would not change my Today.

    But I wouldn’t mind if I could keep my Today and look like Brad Pitt, too.

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  2. 🙂 Thanks, Beth:) I still read this quote, it so impacted me. I always strove to be someone, something else too. Once I final realized I only needed to be who God created me to be could I rest and see the beauty in that. Yet, to keep that belief has been a constant struggle in my life, but one I’m typically victorious in:)

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      C.S. Lewis’s words echo a profound truth, and we have to hide ourselves in the shadow of God’s wings to truly embrace the truth of who we are.

  3. You find amazing quotes. Sometimes I best see what God has and is making me in my friends, family’s, or students comments–or look back to see and appreciate changes He has made and freedoms He gives.

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  4. What a cool quote! What helps me to embrace God’s purpose and constantly reminds me that I’m “born of God’s thought”–my family. My parents and grandparents, especially, consistently reinforced to me growing up that I am who I am because God made me and is working in my life. Now, do I always remember and embrace that? Um, no…I find the comparison monster chomping at me fairly regularly…but thankfully God always manages to pull me back to the truth. Often through family and friends and uplifting blogs like this one!

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  5. Time, and reading His word every day has helped me to realize I have been created in His image to do the works He has commissioned for me. Especially the 15th chapter of John. He is God. I am not.

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  6. Beth, I have done the comparison thing for years.

    And the “if I could only be more organized… then, I’d be happy.”

    Slowly, I’m realizing I need to focus on the gifts and talents God gave me and be content in those, not wishing for a different talent. God created me. I didn’t. He wanted me to have the quirks I have. And that’s okay. He uses all of us when we give ourselves to him.

    Love the quote from CS Lewis! Thought provoking post!

    Hope you recovery is going well!

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