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“Fun is about as good a habit as there is.”
~Jimmy Buffet, singer & songwriter

I know someone who once made this New Year’s resolution: He was going to have more fun.
Loved it!
I loved it so much I made the same resolution the next year. One of the fun things I did that year: When my kiddos decided to go down the high (high, high, high) slide at the water park, I said, “Sounds like fun!” and climbed (and climbed and climbed) to the top with them. At the top, I looked down and thought, ” This is fun?”
But I did it.
The memory is fun.
I find that fun is often squeezed out of my life because of all the must-dos: work and editing and errands and editing and laundry and editing …
There are times I take a deep breath and think: Hey! Where did the fun go?
The thing is, fun is usually the first thing I ignore. The first habit broken. The last thing on my to do list.
I need to change that. Write “Have more fun” at the top of my list with a bright purple Sharpie.

In Your Words: How’s your fun factor? What do you like to do for fun? Come on, give me some ideas!

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