Video: James Scott Bell on Writing Frustration

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All writers get frustrated with their stories.

Yes, even a best-selling suspense suspense author like James Scott Bell. I enjoyed hearing why he thought frustration was a good thing.

And if you want a double-dose if JSB fun, you can read my previous blog post about how he helped me conquer frustration.

In Your Words: Ever get frustrated as a writer? How do you deal with it?

(I’m on my way to the ACFW conference! By the time I get back, my brain will be filled to overflowing with all things writing. Until then, I hope you enjoy my new website.)

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  1. Love the new site. (Love that handy share button at the bottom for Tweets!) If I get frustrated, I typically need to step away or the computer steps in and just locks up – that helps me step away. Have a wonderful conference.

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